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October 12, 2017

NVIDIA Just Developed the "Brain" Needed for Self-Driving Cars

NVIDIA just announced that it’s designed a new computer system that can make autonomous or self-driving cars a reality.

Codenamed Pegasus, the NVIDIA Drive PX Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform can handle Level 5 or full driverless autonomy. The Pegasus delivers over 320 trillion operations per second making robocars or robotaxis (a new class of vehicles that operate with a driver) possible.

NVIDIA says that driverless cars will not only mean improved road safety (computers are never fatigued, impaired, or distracted), but will also add to the productivity of drivers who would usually lose hours to urban traffic.

Of the 225 partners NVIDIA has developing on the Drive PX platform, 25 are developing fully autonomous vehicles.

The company stresses the huge computational requirements of fully-autonomous vehicles: it perceives the world through its various sensors while localizing the vehicle within centimeter accuracy, tracking vehicles and people around the car, and planning a safe and comfortable path to the destination. The computing demands of driverless vehicles are easily 50 to 100 times more intensive than the most advanced cars today.

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  1. in other news.... legendary chip designer Jim Keller, formerly of AMD and apple, is now designing new chips for tesla

    this is the Jim Keller who designed amd athlon and Zen, as well as apple's A4 A5. this guy knows what he's doing


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