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October 6, 2017

The KYB New SR Special Offers Better Handling with OE-like Comfort

MassiveParts Incorporated, the Philippines distributor of KYB shock absorbers introduces the New SR Special shock absorber line that combines OE (Original Equipment) comfort with improved damping characteristics.

The KYB New SR Special features a different fluid viscosity that results in 50 percent better damping force on the compression/bumping stroke and 80 percent on the rebound/extension stroke compared to standard shock absorbers.

All in all, it allows cars equipped with the New SR Special to have better straight-line stability while also boosting stability and compliance through corners. In addition, it has an enhanced “brake effect” reducing the nose dive during heavy braking.

Furthermore, the single tube shell case design makes it a highly efficient, accurate, and durable damper.

The KYB New SR Special was developed from motorsports technologies including inputs from Japanese D1 Drifter and Super GT driver Nobutero Taniguchi. Also known as “NOB” or “No One Better”, Taniguchi was instrumental in the New SR Special’s development making it a comprehensive enhancement to the basic “run”, “turn”, and “stop” performance of any car.

“The KYB New SR Special is for those who would like to upgrade their daily drive. This works well with those who like to do long distance driving (like a sports car) on weekends and yet able to drive around in traffic and uneven roads comfortably on a daily basis. The New SR Special offers a comfortable ride, stability, better handling and cornering plus reduced braking distance,” says Gen Leong, Marketing Manager of MassiveParts Inc.

Available in a wide variety of fitments from popular brands such as Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Ford, and Suzuki, the KYB New SR Special is now available through MassiveParts, Inc.

MassiveParts Inc., is located at 2823 Bagac Steet, Tondo, Manila. For more details, you can reach them through 63 2 253 4193, 63 2 253 4050, and 63 253 4045. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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  1. Hello this is Vincent I have a 91 Honda beat with your kyb new sr special and I am trying to find where I can pay new ones I think the part number is nst3007L or kybfg30 can’t fine anything on web site that might work if you can direct me to a site anything to help me thanks


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