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October 21, 2017

Toyota, Honda, Mazda Confirm Safety of Kobe Steel Aluminum Parts

The Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports that Toyota, Honda, and Mazda have confirmed the safety of their aluminum components after being dragged into the falsification product quality data that rocked Japan’s third-largest steel maker, Kobe Steel.

Toyota uses Kobe Steel’s aluminum plates (including those purchased from parts makers) in hoods, doors, and other components. After examining the strength and durability of the materials, Toyota said that it meets both the company’s internal safety standards and legal requirements.

Meanwhile, they are still confirming the safety of other items including aluminum extrusions, copper products, iron powder, and steel wire—other Kobe Steel products that were also part of the scandal.

On the other hand, Honda and Mazda have both said that its hoods and other car parts made from aluminum plates purchased from Kobe Steel meet their in-house standards as well. However, they are still verifying the safety of components purchased from their parts makers.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

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  1. Uhm...where are the Honda and Mazda fanboys? :))


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