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October 27, 2017

Subaru Shows How A Lifestyle-Oriented 2018 Subaru XV and Impreza Could Look Like

While the Viziv Performance Concept took centerstage at the Subaru’s 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 display, Subaru is showing something even more showroom ready with two spruced up models: the Impreza Future Sport Concept and the Subaru XV Fun Adventure Concept.

With their display themed on giving a “new Subaru story”, the company is decidedly going more lifestyle in the approach of their cars.

The Impreza Future Sport Concept gets new front and rear bumpers visually lowering the car’s stance. Curiously, it’s the same design used on their concept car which could mean that the future midcycle refresh of the Impreza could look like this. At the back, a center-mounted exhaust exudes a sportier look. Inside, it gets contrasting interior trim.

Meanwhile, the Subaru XV Fun Adventure Concept is meant to emphasize the tough and rugged stance of Subaru’s compact crossover. The bumpers have increased scratch-resistant material while the contrasting yellow metallic paint makes it shine in the great outdoors. Off-road tires, a roof basket, and a collapsible tent can make any inhospitable environment hospitable.

Currently, both the Subaru XV Fun Adventure Concept and Impreza Future Sport Concept are labeled as concept cars. And given Subaru’s conservative nature, it might stay that way. However, don’t be surprised if several of these parts will become available as part of the carmaker’s accessories catalog.


  1. Off topic, but which compact suv is better? I prefer a diesel as much as possible, but with 1.5m budget
    1. Hyundai Tucson - affordable but lacks features and luxury comforts
    2. Kia Sportage - Positively weird looking, lacks touchscreen and some features, I'm not sure about the interior quality
    3. Mazda CX-5 - Luxurious looks and interior, though the base variant lacks some features and it's gasoline.
    4. Subaru Forester - Looks nice but it's getting old, nice awd, lacks luxury features but I'm worried about the low fuel consumption.
    5. Honda CRV - Looks good, diesel engine may lack grunt due to low hp, base diesel variant lacks luxury features
    6. Volkswagen Golf GTS - Not a compact suv but this has good value proposition, what do you guys think?

    1. *correction:
      4. I'm worried about the "high" fuel consumption

    2. Golf GTS. Best bang for your buck. Ask yourself do you really need the extra ground clearance if not go for it

    3. Kia Sportage if you can live with the polarizing looks. Best bang for the buck. The non-touchscreen headunit is not an issue, I for one prefer buttons. Not sure about the reliability though.

  2. If you really want a Diesel Crossover, get the CRV. You can go to a proven tuning shop anyway to add up some HP and Torque.

    1. Yeah and risk having premature wear. Straining the engine of a family vehicle for some measly hp and torque gain sure sounds smart. Basta racer boy ang dating diba?

    2. It actually depends on what kind of tune you're gonna do. It'll have a premature if you'll overdo the mods and tuning. An added 10-20 whp and 20-40 wtq won't strain the engine.

      Natatawa nalang ako sa mga ibang tao dito. Nag gagaling galingan eh, mas marunong ka pa sa tuners na meron proper research dito sa abroad at dito sa Pinas. LOL!

    3. For a cheaper price, you can get a sportage with a more powerful diesel engine and AWD.

      You may argue that the sportage has questionable reliability but then again there is an almost 200k price difference with the mid range 1.7m diesel crv which can be used offset future repairs should they come.

      Now comparing the 1.5M crv vs the almost similarly priced awd sportage, the crv is bare as hell. Doesn't even have leather seats and steering wheel! The only advantage of the crv is the extra 2 seats.

      If you want your value for money at 1.5M get the sportage. It might not look great to some but it has the most features for your money. Reliability is still unknown though.

    4. Crv diesel costs 1.5-2m and only has the power of a subcompact sized accent. using those tuning chips will void the warranty of your brand new car due to excessive wear and tear according to honda. being a honda fan before, the best buy would be the 1.5m tucson since it has the best engine although I like the sportage's looks better. You can always upgrade the comforts but not the engine.

    5. I saw a new white Kia Sportage and it looks good, however,from a quick research I found out that it doesn't have a touchscreen which isn't a deal breaker but it doesn't have a rear parking camera which is a deal breaker.

    6. A 1.5M tucson still doesn't have leather seats and AWD. Again, the sportage is the best bang for the buck crossover at 1.5M, period. They both have the same engine and transmission.

      Rear parking camera isn't a deal breaker, we've managed to drive cars without cameras and sensors a decade ago. Cameras are for convenience and added safety only, not really that essential unless you suck at parking. I'm not sure but I think the sportage has rear parking sensors which in real world driving is already sufficient. The only cons I can really think of is its polarizing looks and the fact that its Korean. Other than that, it really is the best option if you follow the mind instead of the heart.

    7. The Tucson is bare. Outstanding engine and fuel efficiency but barebones. Driver side airbag and halogen headlights only for the base variant then 2 airbags for the TOTL variant then no leather seats, push start/stop, backing sensor, side and curtain airbags, cruise control, etc...

      The Sportage though, it looks like a Porsche Macan. Im not sure with its safety features but it's lacking in features which is in due fairness, some are available in the aftermarket.

      The question is, as a buyer, are you cool with the pros and cons of owning a Kia or a Hyundai?

    8. It really depends on the buyer. If you don't even wear a seatbelt like most of filipinos do you would buy a tucson or sportage. Its deficiencies like touchscreen if you are into those things or rear cameras can be easily bought aftermarket. Pioneer or kenwood make kickass stereos that are way much better than stock china stereos they slap in ypur cars. Plus I heard hyundai gives 100k+ discount. I would get the base 1.3m model if I bought though

    9. It's not just the Tucson, all Hyundai cars generally are bare even the totl variants.


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