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October 6, 2017

Honda Previews Next-Generation EV Sportscar

Honda is showing yet again that they’ve gotten their groove back. Set to be unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show is a brand-new sportscar concept that shows off what a future Honda next-generation sportscar could look like.

While Honda enthusiasts are dreaming of a next-generation S2000 roadster, the Sports EV Concept doesn’t look to be that car. For one, it’s obvious in the single teaser image that it’s a coupe and not a convertible. Also, it shares the same platform as the Honda Urban EV Concept (which will also be shown at the show), so it’ll likely be a new Kei car-based two-seater sportscar similar to the S600 and S800 of the 1960s (or more recently, the S660).

Still, Honda is aiming the Sports EV Concept to realize a “feeling of unity” between car and driver, so at you know it’ll be fun to drive. Honda also promises that the Sports EV Concept will have an “unforgettable silhouette” and “friendly front fascia.”

Aside from EV technology, the Sports EV Concept will have Artificial Intelligence or AI which could mean some level or form of autonomous driving.

And since Honda has confirmed that the Urban EV Concept is heading to production in 2019, the Sports EV Concept could make for a great addition to the Honda line-up.

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