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October 28, 2017

This Thing is a Big Hit With the Ladies at the Honda's Tokyo Motor Show Pavilion

The Honda pavilion at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 is a big hit for the ladies because of one rather unexpected reason: this hotdog cart-like thing called the Honda RoboCas Concept.

Though it’s something you can’t drive, the RoboCas Concept is extremely cute with its expressive “face” and cubical body. It actually looks like something straight from the Disney film, Wall-E.

More than that, it’s Honda’s to explore how robotics can help connect with people. With its compact body, the RoboCas Concept is actually designed to exist in human-occupied spaces such as sidewalks.

While it can become an impromptu café, curry shop, or yes, even a hotdog stand, it’s more complex than a simple robotic slave. It’s made to follow people, communicate and interact with them using Honda’s autonomous mobility technology.

If guys just find this too cute, there is always the Sports EV Concept that takes center stage.

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