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October 22, 2023

Honda Will Be Using Swappable Batteries For This EV Van

Honda thinks they’re found a solution for last-mile logistics companies that require higher up-time while still requiring zero tailpipe emissions: swappable batteries.

Starting road trials in Japan (Tokyo, Utsunomiya City, and Kobe City) in cooperation with logistics company, Yamato Group, this November is Honda’s light EV van, the MEV-Van Concept. Instead of being equipped with a charging port, it will be powered with Honda’s Mobile Power Pack e—their brand of quick, swappable battery packs.

For its part, the Yamato Group plans to introduce 20,000 EVs while also investing in renewable power such as solar to achieve “virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.”

However, both Honda and Yamato understand that more traditional EVs face long standby times during charging, reducing its overall efficiency. In addition, power rates are “unbalanced” fluctuating cost-wise when charging during the day and night (peak/off-peak rates).

This is where the MEV-Van Concept comes in. Instead of a sealed battery pack, it uses interconnected Honda Mobile Power Packs. Each pack measures in at 298 mm in length, 177.3 mm in width, and 156.3 mm in height. It stores 1.3 kWh with a rated voltage of 50.26 V. With 16 of them in the MEV-Van Concept, the total size is around 20.8 kWh. The Mobile Power Packs are then charged on a Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger.

One MEV-Van Concept is hitting the road in November with more planned on the way.


  1. I believe it's more practical to swap batteries than to charge them.

  2. Somewhat like what Honda has planned for their electric motorcycles but with multiple batteries.


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