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October 25, 2023

Lexus Shows Next-Generation EVs With LF-ZC And LF-ZL Concepts

Lexus is pointing to a radical transformation in just three years as it shows off its new generation of battery electric vehicles with the LF-ZC and the LF-ZL. The concepts preview a new wave of EVs that will hit showrooms starting in 2026.

Lexus’ upcoming EVs promise more advanced batteries that deliver nearly twice the range of current ones. The EVs will feature steer-by-wire systems with yoke-style handles. Downsized components will enable more compact, overall dimensions with even more spacious interiors.

The designs will boast air-splitting drag coefficients around 0.2 for slick aerodynamics that help improve driving range but also imbue the new Lexus line with a distinct modern profile.

The LF-ZC gets its name from Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst for its role as the lead-off vehicle due to launch in 2026.

With its dramatic wedge silhouette, the LF-ZC is perhaps a sedan in name only because it has four doors. From its pointy nose to its fastback rear, the car looks as sporty as it does luxurious. The car’s ultra-low beltline aims to improve handling and response, courtesy of next-generation lithium-ion batteries that pack more power into slimmer modules. The batteries themselves will have a range exceeding 800 kilometers arriving in 2026 and another battery capable of more than 1,000 kilometers in 2027 to 28.

Lexus engineers hope the planted, ground-hugging dynamics will set the vehicles apart from today’s EVs, which tend to ride high on stacked-up battery packs.

Meanwhile, the LF-ZL derives from Zero-emission Luxury. It suggests a future Lexus EV flagship. The vehicle showcases the seamless integration of software and hardware in a body stretching 5.3 meters—longer than today’s top-tier Lexus LS.

The LF-ZL’s headline feature is an Interactive Reality in Motion technology that enables drivers to interact with the world passing by through gestures and natural conversation powered by the Arene software.

Lexus is counting on these next-generation EVs to help it sell one million EVs annually in 2030.


  1. Will these be powered by solid-state batteries?

    1. Not yet. They will be powered by "next-generation" lithium-ion batteries, however.

    2. So when will solid-state batteries really arrive? And where will they be used first?


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