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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Kia Previews Close-To-Production EV3, EV4 Concepts

After showing off the EV5, Kia is expanding its all-electric family with the reveal of two new “close-to-production” concepts—the Concept EV3 and the Concept EV4.

The Concept EV3 slots in as a compact crossover, smaller than the EV5 or EV6. However, it manages to integrate several of the EV9’s key features. For example, the interior features mini tables that rotate in length, position, and angle. In conjunction with the movement of the seats, the tables support four customer modes: Focus, Social, Refreshing and Storage. The folding bench-type rear seat is equally flexible and can be effortlessly folded upward, allowing for storing bulky luggage such as electric scooters and bicycles.

The interior design promotes well-being with soft mood lighting, the use of ultra-clean shapes and surfaces.

Design-wise, the Concept EV3 features a wrap-around windshield that’s been pushed forward and a long, sloping roofline. The squared off wheel arches also have asymmetrical cuts giving it a strong impression. The disconnected C-pillar, which link with the rest of the glasshouse give the roof a floating effect.

Meanwhile, the Concept EV4 shows what an all-electric sedan from Kia looks like. Featuring geometric character lines, it has a low nose and an elongated, long-tail silhouette. At the front, its headlights are located vertically at the extreme outer edges of the hood and bumper.

The interior, meanwhile, prioritizes the driver with controls that can be hidden from view when not in use. For example, the AC panel can be neatly stored in the center console when not in use. The pin-style air vents, meanwhile, can change patterns.

As with other Kia EVs, information is presented via twin digital screens. However, new to the Concept EV4 is the “Mind Modes” feature that adjusts ambient lighting and animated ventilation patterns. In “Perform” mode, the driver is presented with all the information they require to perform at their optimum and get the most out of their day. In contrast, “Serenity” mode offers a range of digital graphics to create a more relaxed ambience for reflection and restoration.

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  1. What types of batteries will these new KIA BEVs use?


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