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October 12, 2023

Akio Toyoda Puts In A Request To Revive The Celica

If Akio Toyoda had his way, the Celica will come back. This was is rather blunt reply in an interview with Toyota’s in-house blog, Toyota Times. You can read the entire interview here to find out his views on Subaru in WRC, the all-new Crown, and of course, a possible Celica revival.

Going back to the Celica, Toyoda did admit that the decision to bring back the iconic sports coupe rests entirely on Toyota’s executive management. However, in his interview with former Best Car magazine editor-in-chief Hitoshi Hongo, he did admit that he put out a request to bring the Celica back.

Here’s the transcript:
Hongo: But you could put in a request, right?

Morizo: Well, I have, but I don’t know what name it will come out under.

Hongo: Surely no one would refuse a request by Morizo?

Morizo: Oh no (laughs). Plenty would. Some people are sick of hearing what Morizo has to say. But in a sense, that’s diversification. Without people like that, the Prius wouldn’t be what it is. I won on the Crown, but the Prius was claimed by people who didn’t want to side with me. I think it’s good that we became a product-centered company capable of having such discussions for the sake of making ever-better cars.

When I said we’re going to make ever-better cars, I was often asked, “What is a good car to you, Morizo?” My only response was, “You'll have to figure that out for yourself.” Yet, as a result, even though it took us ten years, I feel we’ve become a company that produces lots of what I consider to be ever-better cars. I believe we need to ensure that our product-centered approach and commitment to the genba continue to be passed down.

So, what was the question again? Oh yes, the Celica.

I’m not just saying this because we’re at a rally event, but Kankkunen (who was invited to the demo run) is Mr. Celica. He was champion four times in the Celica. Now you can all have a think about why I’m using Kankkunen so much. See if you can guess!
At this point, nothing is certain but Toyoda’s been vocal about building Toyotas which are fun-to-drive and emotionally engaging. Under his watch, he managed to bring back models such as the Toyota 86 (later known as the GR 86) as well as the GR Supra. It also spawned enthusiast-centered models like the GR Yaris and GR Corolla as well. In case Toyota sees a market for a mid-range sports coupe, the Celica could come back as the GR Celica. 

Cross your fingers.


  1. Revive the Celica and MR2 please

  2. Makes sense knowing how modular the TNGA architecture is. basically what they'll do is make a 3 door corolla sedan.


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