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Friday, October 20, 2023

Look, Ma: No Holes, Drilling. Juice Booster Brings 22-kW Wall Box Charging Tech In Portable Package

EMICOR, Inc., is bringing Juice Booster to the Philippine market. Previewed at the Philippine EV Summit (PEVS), the Juice Booster combines the charging capability of a wall-mounted EV charger with the compact size of a portable charger.

The Juice Booster is a fully-fledged 22-kW wall box with 3-in-1 functionality. It can be used as a mobile charging station for on the go, as a charging station at home or at work, and as a Mode 3 charging cable for charging at public charging stations. With the Juice Booster, EV owners now have access to the fastest and safest possible charge speeds using a traditional wall box without having to physically install one.

Powered by the Juice Jet Engine, it can optimize charging capacity automatically enabling it to charge anywhere between 14 kW to 22 kW and up to 32 amps. It actively monitors plug and charging temperatures. The moment the system hits 85 degrees Celsius, charging is automatically halted and is restarted only when temperatures drop to safe levels. An integrated fault detection system also protects against electric shocks.

The Juice Booster is compatible with any EV running the Type 1 or Type 2 socket and can be used up to 50 degrees Celsius. Its IP67 construction means it’s waterproof and dust-proof. The anodized aluminum construction also means it’s impact-resistant (IK10). This means being able to withstand up to three tons of wheel load.

A case for space-saving travel comes standard and in it, each Juice Booster is packed with a wide range of adapters for the mains side. This means it can be used on any conventional domestic or industrial socket anywhere in the world. It can also be ordered with extension cables up to 25 meters long and can be installed with an optional wall bracket.

For establishments looking to offer EV charging as a business, the top-of-the-line Juice Booster 3 air even has a built-in “unlock charging coupler” function. This means businesses can now change the charging capacity via an app or use an RFID to initiate a charging process. Establishments can even combine multiple Booster units to either distribute available electricity equally, prioritize certain vehicles and/or devices, or generate receipts or a log via an app.

Pricing for the Juice Booster starts at around P 120,000. Check out the Juice Booster at the EMICOR booth at the Philippine EV Summit.


  1. Too expensive and not practical. Regular outlets can take upto 16a load and not all the time or it will melt. So where are you going to get more than 16amp of power. If more than 16amp get a wall box it’s slot cheaper and more practical. Just my two cents.

    1. To me, I disagree because the Juice Booster is the best charging cord ever because the wall box is completely impractical and completely expensive. Just my 2000 cents.

    2. have you checked how much is a wall box, php50k and are you familiar with electrical works, I doubt it.. oh your 2000 cents just keep it, you'll need it more to wire -up the Juice to act as a wall box.

  2. Is it better than a wall box?

  3. Better to wait for EV infra here in ph to mature b4 buying EV's. For now its better to buy an ICE or hybrid

  4. Fence sitters are going to miss the 5-year window of coding exemption and will continue to bleed with the rising cost of fuel, just for starters.


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