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October 12, 2023

Is Subaru Reviving A 10-Year Old Design For Its Latest Battery Electric Vehicle?

Subaru may be hosting a special edition Forester and the recently launched Levorg Layback at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show, but they’re reserving one additional treat for showgoers: the Subaru Sport Mobility Concept.

Typically, you don’t read the words, “Sport” and “Mobility” together. However, Subaru thinks that in the future, it can go together. After all, it’s all about “embodying the pleasure of going anywhere, anytime, and driving at will in everyday to extraordinary environments.”

This intriguing, if a bit exaggerated line tells us that the Subaru Sport Mobility Concept will feature some sort of autonomous driving tech (perhaps powered by the brand’s core EyeSight tech as evidenced by the illuminated C-shaped elements on the windshield) that the driver can override at any time. Furthermore, Subaru has confirmed that it’s a battery electric vehicle (BEV) which may point to it having all-wheel drive (again, a core tech of Subaru).

As for the design, the Subaru Sport Mobility Concept will look to blend elements of a two-door coupe and a crossover. To be fair, this isn’t the first time Subaru’s done something this outrageous. At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show (yes, that’s a decade ago), they had the Cross Sport Design Concept which turned the BRZ into an all-terrain shooting brake.

Of course, the Sport Mobility Concept carries design characteristics found in modern Subarus such as the squared off wheel arches. Its six-star logo also lights up and trades the sideview mirrors for cameras—pretty much run-of-the-mill concept car stuff.

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  1. I hope Subaru brings back the WRX STi to production, in BEV guise.


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