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October 18, 2023

Isuzu's Japan Mobility Show Star Is This Truck Powered By Honda

Isuzu and Honda’s co-developed heavy-duty truck will be shown at the Japan Mobility Show. Meet the Giga Fuel Cell.

To be displayed at Isuzu’s pavilion, the Giga Fuel Cell truck uses hydrogen as a fuel resulting in no CO2 emissions. Considered as a better alternative to battery electric trucks like Tesla’s Semi, both Isuzu and Honda believe that fuel cells are better for logistics because they have quick refueling, long range, and large load capacities.

The two Japanese carmakers signed an agreement in January 2020 on the joint research of fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks. Since then, they’ve been working on the certification process, down to the compatibility of current fuel cell systems.

Verification tests and demonstrations will be done before the end of March 2024 with the target of reaching showrooms by 2027.

The Isuzu Giga Fuel Cell is based off the Isuzu CYJ77C-WX. It adopts a lowdeck 8x4 rigid truck configuration, a typical setup used for intercity logistics. The onboard motor produces a total of 435 horsepower (320 kW). With a hydrogen tank of 56 kilograms, it offers a range of more than 800 kilometers. An external power output function (two CHAdeMO ports) also leverages the fuel cell energy capacity to help transform it into a mobile power station offering an output of 530 kWh.

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