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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

You Can Now Order The White Interior On The Mazda CX-60 And CX-90

Mazda has already successfully redefined what craftsmanship is with the interiors of its first-ever CX-60 and CX-90. Both the two-row mid-sized CX-60 and three-row large CX-90 come fitted with class-leading materials such as Nappa leather and Leganu suede. On top of that, it’s offered in the Philippines with either an all-black or a black and tan interior.

But for those who feel that’s still not good enough, there’s good news. Mazda Philippines is now offering, by indent order, the stylish Japanese White interior on both models with an added P 100,000.

Available on the CX-60 3.3 HEV Turbo (gas) and the CX-90 3.3 HEV Turbo Exclusive, this option offers the best influence of Japanese craftsmanship found in a Mazda.

When opting for the Japanese White interior, the interior itself gets a two-tone colorway with a black upper dash and a white lower dash. The seats are also now covered in pure white Nappa leather with a contrasting black strip running down the middle. In both SUVs, the dashboard itself receives an interwoven fabric piece, the placement of which is inspired by the Japanese art of binding (Musubu). The fabric piece itself features the Japanese hanging stitch or Kakenui which leaves a seam with space between trim fabrics to reveal a glimpse of the material beneath. The same fabric is found on the door cards, where its interplays with the white Nappa leather and real maple wood. The same wood accents adorn the central transmission tunnel as well.

All in all, this interior best reflects the Japanese aesthetic of Hacho or asymmetrical balance or intentional unevenness to deliver a more premium cabin experience while also reflecting Mazda’s Japanese heritage and design philosophy.

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  1. Why not available on the diesel models?

    1. available on both models… read and comprehend

    2. The diesel CX-60, no. Only the gas CX-60 and the CX-90.

  2. The whote interior doesn't age well. Trust me.

  3. Are these new and more upscale models selling well?


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