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July 3, 2018

Audi Philippines Just Made Their Vehicles "Depreciation Proof"

Typically, going for a premium (aka luxury) vehicle also means having to swallow premium aftersales service bills and of course, premium depreciation. Audi Philippines though has found a way around that problem.

Purchases of the Audi A4, Q2, Q5, and Q7 from now until September 30, 2018 have all been deemed “Future Proof” because PGA Cars, Inc., Audi’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines is willing to buy back any of these vehicles back at a guaranteed 55 percent value by the end of the third year or an effective value of anywhere between P 1,664,000 up to P 4,494,000—market depreciation be damned. Audi’s also throwing in a complimentary 2-year preventive maintenance program to sweeten the deal.

It’s a great deal, but naturally, there are caveats—well, three of them actually. First, there’s a 10,000-kilometer mileage cap per year. Second, that you need to lock in your insurance for the entire 3 years with who else but Prudential Guarantee. Lastly, servicing is done exclusively at authorized Audi service centers. This might be a great time to try out a bit of Vorsprung durch Technik.


  1. "depreciation proof"
    "buyback at 55 percent of value"

    Wew lads...

    1. Well, it's semi-depreciation proof then. Lol

  2. Wow, this is a great deal! You will only get 25% resale value otherwise.

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