Monday, July 9, 2018

Mazda Philippines Can Now Perfectly Refinish Their Special Colors

Mazda owners know that its special colors—Snowflake White, Soul Red, and Machine Gray are hard to touch-up, especially if its been through an accident. Well, owners will now be happy to know that Mazda Philippines has teamed up with a renowned paint specialist to offer their dealer the latest paint technology, re-finishing expertise, and paint shop training services.

Bermaz Auto Philippines, the exclusive distributor of Mazda vehicles and parts in the country just affirmed its long-standing supply partnership with Axalta Coating Systems—a leading global manufacturing of liquid and powder coatings.

Known for their premier refinishing brand, Cromax, Mazda Philippines now officially recognizes and recommends them for use in the repair and repaint of all Mazda vehicles at the brand’s 20 dealerships nationwide.

 “The direction is to make all our dealerships adopt the Axalta brand and the Chromax line of paint products in order to ensure consistent quality in body and paint jobs throughout the network,” says Ramil De Vera, General Manager for Aftersales and Customer Service of Mazda Philippines. De Vera adds,  “With Axalta’s continuing training and product support, we believe we can achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. And in terms of quality and expertise, we believe Axalta is number one. It is the only local automotive refinishing provider with complete facilities and expertise to handle the stringent paint quality requirements for Mazda. In fact, Axalta is always included in the list of paint brands accredited by Mazda Japan whenever a new color formula is released.”

Axalta has been training body and paint personnel from various Mazda dealerships on how to refinish vehicles even those finished in Mazda’s signature special colors such as Soul Red, Soul Red Crystal, Machine Gray, and Snowflake White Pearl.

Erwin Diadula, president and CEO of Wiin Corporation, which manages the Axalta brand locally, says the partnership also includes product support and training services to Mazda dealerships in order to ensure uniform quality and improve shop processes for timely delivery. “This document is very important to us because it legitimizes our visits whenever we conduct training sessions and provide assistance to the after-sales personnel of Mazda dealerships, shares Diadula. He adds, “It shows that Bermaz Auto Philippines recognizes us as a partner in improving customer satisfaction.”

Formerly known as DuPont Refinish, the Cromax brand under Axalta continues to offer the same high-quality color and finish its former trademark was known for. With more than 150 years of experience in the coatings industry, its products are designed to prevent corrosion and increase productivity while ensuring the surfaces they are used on last longer. Diadula adds, “It is very important how your paint will be able to match colors and for Axalta, that’s our strength. We can say that we already have the formula of about 99% of the car colors in the world.” 

Along with quality refinishing products and the accompanying training and improvement of body and paint processes, the renewed partnership intends to benefit Mazda customers who value quality work to match the premium vehicles they enjoy driving.


  1. What's more interesting, is if they can fix a small scrape without refinishing the entire panel.

    1. They’ve done that with the long-term test Machine Gray trunk trim.

    2. Sir if I may, what do you mean by .."long-term test Machine Gray trunk trim."?

    3. The hatch's trim (the one where the Mazda3 and Skyactiv logos are attached to) needed to be repainted after something started eating through the paint. Mazda Makati was able to spot-repair it without having to remove the panel or refinish the entire trim piece.