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July 12, 2018

Hyundai, Nissan, and Ford Exchange Friendly Jabs on Twitter

Friendly Twitter jabs are pretty commonplace in countries like the US, but thanks to entrepreneur Mark Parian’s tweet, the first-ever exchange of Twitter barbs between Philippine-based automotive firms happened just a few days ago.

Parian posted a simple question on Twitter: should he go Ford Everest, Hyundai Eon, or Toyota Wigo tagging Ford Philippines, Toyota Motor Philippines, and Hyundai Asia Resources’ official twitter handles.

Out of the blue, Nissan was the first one to fire a shot by saying Parian should get “none of the above” and “get a Nissan.” After that, Hyundai and Nissan threw friendly punches at each other while Ford took a full day to respond with a piece of advice to Parian: “chose to be extraordinary” while pwning Nissan for butting into the conversation. Oddly enough, it’s only Toyota Motor Philippines that remained quiet throughout this entire exchange, deciding instead to watch from the sidelines.

Social media managers from Hyundai, Nissan, and Ford are all getting pretty savvy now and we should point out that it actually livened up a typically dull Philippine-based automaker’s twitter feed. A guy named ZZ even commented that the people “behind this [sic] twitter accounts should be given a raise.”

We totally agree with that and while we’re at it, please someone wake up Toyota Motor Philippines’s social media manager too?


  1. as if nman meron kyong pambili!

  2. ang tanong na dapat nilang sagutin: sino ba si mark parian???


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