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July 27, 2018

San Juan City Implements "Anti-Idling Ordinance"

People who like to frequent the Greenhills area (or any part of San Juan City) should take note: there’s now an Anti-Idling Ordinance in effect in the city.

The new ordinance fines drivers P 1,000 (One Thousand Pesos) if a vehicle, parked in either a public or private space, is idled for more than three (3) minutes.

Naturally, there are exemptions such as when it’s stuck in traffic or when the vehicle is being used in an emergency capacity. You can read the full ordinance below, but let this be a warning to all residents and visitors who find themselves in San Juan City.

San Juan City Anti-Idling Ordinance

Section 1. Let this Ordinance be known as the “San Juan City Anti-Idling Ordinance”.

Section 2. The idling of gasoline or diesel powered motor vehicles on public as well as private spaces and places for more than three (3) minutes while the vehicle is parked, including for the purposes of operating its air conditioning equipment, is hereby PROHIBITED.

Section 3. No owner, driver, or operator of a motor vehicle shall cause or permit the engine of such vehicle to idle for more than three (3) minutes while the vehicle is parked, as provided for in Section 4 (Exemptions) of this Ordinance.

Section 4. Exemptions – This Ordinance shall not apply when:

 a. A vehicle idles while forced to remain motionless because of traffic, an official traffic control device or signal, or at the direction of a law enforcement official

b. A police, fire, ambulance, public safety, military, other emergency or law enforcement vehicle, or any vehicle being used in an emergency capacity or who idles while in an emergency or training mode and not for the convenience of the vehicle operator;

c. A vehicle idles as part of an official inspection to verify that the vehicle is in good working order, provided idling is required as part of the inspection;

d. An armored vehicle idles when a person remains inside the vehicle to guard the contents of said vehicle.

Section 5. Those who violate this Ordinance shall pay a fine in the amount of ONE THOUSAND PESOS (P1,000.00).


  1. And how will they monitor parking lots I wonder, particularly in malls. Roving guards who count three minutes? Some special sensor that detects sustained exhaust? Good intentions, but hoping it goes beyond intention...

  2. yung likod ng inuupahan kong bahay ginawang garahe ng truck. mga driver wala yatang seminar, mayat maya on off ng engine. puro usok puto unnecessary revolution. araw araw ganito. ang tatapang, eala daw akong pakialam garahe nila yun. DAMN


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