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July 9, 2018

UPDATED: Mazda, Mitsubishi to Halt Production Due to Japan Floods

UPDATE: Mazda says production has restarted at its Ujina Plant 1 and 2 on a single-shift operation while the Hofu plant resumes normal operations (7/12).

Due to the heavy rains and floods that battered Japan last weekend, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Daihatsu have announced that they are all suspending operations at several assembly plants and facilities located in the area.

A report by Japanese broadcaster NHK said that Mitsubishi is halting operations at its Okayama plant since it was unable to procure plants while Daihatsu has done the same at its Osaka and Kyoto assembly plants for the same reason. Meanwhile, Hiroshima-based Mazda had to halt its entire weekend production there as well as in Yamaguchi prefecture.

Mazda says that it may be able to resume operations as early as Tuesday, but that entirely depends on the delivery of parts and if factory workers actually get to work. Company officials have actually said that the rains and floods have greatly impacted the commute of its workers.

Given that a vast majority of Mazda Philippines’s vehicles and parts are sourced from Japan, we have reached out to Bermaz Auto Philippines to find out if this closure would have any significant effect on the supply of vehicles and spare parts in the country.

In a statement, Steven Tan, President of Bermaz Auto Philippines said:
While our thoughts and minds are with the people and colleagues in Japan in the wake of this natural disaster, the announced plant disruption in Japan will not in any way affect the supply of Mazda vehicles to our dealerships in in this country.  
With the exception of BT-50 pickup truck, which is built in Thailand and with new arrivals coming in September, we have ample inventory of every models to meet the local demand for at minimum of 3 months without fresh supply. 
Our parts fill rate, amongst the highest in the industry at above 95 percent, is expected to meet the prevailing and projected parts demand.
There you have it, straight from Mazda themselves. There is absolutely nothing to worry about to current or would-be Mazda owners.

Source: NHK


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