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September 10, 2019

All-New 2020 Land Rover Defender is an Icon Re-Imagined

Land Rover has released the all-new Defender. An icon re-imagined for the 21st century, it carries the same adventurous spirit and design, wrapped around a clever, capable, and safe platform.

Its distinctive silhouette makes the Defender instantly recognizable. Its upright stance, Alpine light windows in the roof, side-hinged tailgate, and rear-mounted spare tire are nods to its predecessors, while its minimal overhangs provide excellent approach and departure angles.

The stripped-back personality of the original Defender has been embraced inside, where structural elements and fixings usually hidden from view have been exposed, with the emphasis on simplicity and practicality. Innovative features include a dash-mounted gear shifter to accommodate an optional central front ‘jump’ seat, which provides three-abreast seating across the front like early Land Rovers.

As a result, the Defender 110 offers five, six or 5+2 seating configurations, with a load space behind the second-row seats of up to 1,075 liters, and as much as 2,380-liters when the second row is folded. The Defender 90 will be able to accommodate six occupants in a vehicle the length of a compact family hatchback.

User-friendly features include durable rubberized flooring and an optional full-length folding fabric roof that allows passengers in the second-row seats to stand up when parked.

Underpinning the all-new Defender is the new purpose-engineered D7x (for extreme) architecture is based on a lightweight aluminium monocoque construction to create the stiffest body structure Land Rover has ever produced. It is three times stiffer than traditional body-on-frame designs, providing perfect foundations for the fully independent air or coil sprung suspension and supports the latest electrified powertrains.

Permanent all-wheel drive and a twin-speed automatic gearbox, center differential and optional Active Locking Rear Differential ensure it has all the hardware required to excel in any terrain. Terrain Response also makes its debut allowing experienced off-roaders to fine-tune individual vehicle settings to suit road conditions, while inexperienced drivers can let the system detect the most appropriate vehicle settings for the terrain, using the intelligent Auto function.

The new body architecture provides ground clearance of 291 mm and world-class off-road geometry, giving the 110 approach, breakover, and departure angles of 38, 28 and 40 degrees (Off-Road height) respectively. Its maximum wading depth of 900 mm is supported by a new Wade program in the Terrain Response 2 system, which ensures drivers can ford deep water with complete confidence.

On dry land, Land Rover’s advanced ClearSight Ground View technology helps drivers take full advantage of Defender’s all-conquering capability by showing the area usually hidden by the bonnet, directly ahead of the front wheels, on the central touchscreen.

Powering the all-new Defender, is a choice between advanced gasoline or diesel engines. At launch, the P300 (300 horsepower, 4-cylinder) and more powerful P400 (400 horsepower, 6-cylinder) offer Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology, while those opting for a diesel have a choice between a pair of 4-cylinder engines: the D200 (200 horsepower) and D240 (240 horsepower). A Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle version will join the range next year.

The all-new Defender will be available in 128 global markets, including the Philippines. It should arrive at Land Rover showrooms by next year.

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