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September 18, 2019

The Toyota Fortuner Finally Upgrades Its Infotainment System

One of the easiest criticisms you can level against any of the modern Toyota vehicles is its awful infotainment system. While it has basic functionality like MP3 playback, and Bluetooth hands-free/audio streaming, these AVT-sourced systems lack severely in smartphone connectivity.

Well, gripe no more as Toyota’s finally moved their infotainment system to the modern era by integrating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Woohoo.

Installed first in the Fortuner (which means a model-by-model rollout is likely), this new head unit still packs the same basic look and 6.5-inch screen size pre-industrial age. However, plug-in your compatible iPhone or Android smartphone, and you’ll witness something transformative. You can finally ditch those ditzy phone cradles! It’s a wheelchair miracle right there. Oh, you also get 512 MB of RAM (previously at 256 MB) and 8 GB of ROM. If smartphone connectivity is not your thing, the new headunit also has an SD card for multimedia stuff.

Now, the question beckons: will Toyota do a Nissan wherein the infotainment system commanded a price increase? Not quite. The best-selling SUV last year (and 8 months into 2019) doesn’t just get upgraded smartphone connectivity, but buyers will see up to P 90,000 in savings as well. That’s right, additional features for less price. How’s that for value. On top of that, 4x2 variants are on offer with a free PMS package for the first 20,000 kilometers worth P 24,242.

Before discounts, the 2019 Fortuner has the following SRP effective today:

  • 2.4 G M/T - P 1,607,000
  • 2.7 G A/T - P 1,612,000
  • 2.4 G A/T - P 1,697,000
  • 2.4 TRD A/T - P 1,806,000
  • 2.4 V A/T - P 1,921,000
  • 2.8 V A/T - P 2,260,000

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