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September 17, 2019

This is What Happens When Nissan Designs Video Gaming Seats Too

What if Nissan made video gaming seats as well as cars? Well, wonder no more since the Japanese carmaker let their designers go wild in designing three car-inspired video gaming chairs.

Realizing that video gaming and esports are now some of the fastest-growing activities on the planet (they did for a time come up with the unique GT Academy program), Nissan has now invested in the trend by partnering with two of the most popular gaming teams in the world: Faze Clan and OpTic Gaming.

But Nissan isn’t stopping there. As the maker of “Zero Gravity Seats” found in many of its vehicles, the carmaker applied some model-specific technologies and conveniences into three wild, whimsical chair concepts.

The first is inspired by the Nissan GT-R NISMO and for that, it’s constructed from lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum. It’s shaped like a racing seat for ultimate performance with built in headrest speakers, and has red leather and suede seating surfaces too.

If bucket seats aren’t comfortable for your toosh, there’s the Armada (aka Patrol) inspired seats that feature climate-controlled seats with heating and cooling functions. Of course, it’s finished in a more luxurious black and brown shade and has lumbar support for additional comfort.

Finally, there’s the one inspired by the Leaf. This one has USB charging ports (well, you know, because electric), integrated leg rests, and a light-gray leather appointed seats with electric blue inserts. Shame this seat didn’t come with something that assists you as you play your game (it does have ProPilot technology after all).

Currently, Nissan has no plans to build the chairs, but it does present a great what-if moment.

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