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September 11, 2019

The Hyundai 45 Concept Shows Koreans Now Look at Iconic Models for Inspiration

Hyundai is having one eye looking firmly at the past, while showing off a concept of the future: meet their 45, an electric vehicle concept that fuses the Korean carmaker’s heritage while also showing off their advancements in electrification and autonomous driving tech.

The first vehicle from Korea that draws inspiration from an iconic model from the past, in this case, the 1974 Pony Coupe Concept, which was unveiled, aptly 45 years ago, the Hyundai 45 uses 45-degree angles at the front and rear to form a diamond-shaped silhouette that indicates Hyundai’s direction in their EV design.

Like a certain Japanese carmaker, the Hyundai 45 strips away complex lines, moving towards a clean, minimalistic look—a further evolution of their Sensuous Sportiness design. The headlamps themselves are cubic in design, making the Hyundai 45 instantly recognizable.

At the bottom of the door, a special garnish highlights its long-distance battery capability and, through active LED lights, drivers can intuitively know how much longer they can drive even before they get in the car. Cameras also replace traditional side mirrors allowing the 45 to mark a start to Hyundai’s self-driving car dreams. The system even has an embedded turntable that rotates the lens past a brush to ensure perfect visibility at all times.

Inside, the Hyundai 45 is minimalist in design. Inspired by furniture, it fuses wood, fabric, and leather. The seats can be made to rotate allowing passengers to face each other, while the infotainment system itself is interfaced with a projection-beam interface.

While the design of the Hyundai 45 is clearly just for show, what’s more important is what’s found underneath. Using a skateboard floor, the 45 keeps its battery and drivetrain stored underneath the cabin creating a larger, more usable space despite a compact footprint.

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