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September 30, 2019

Honda Philippines Increases Appeal to Fashionables, Filipinas with All-New Genio, ADV150 Motorcycles

Wanting to increase its appeal to fashionables and Filipinas, Honda Philippines, Inc., launched two new motorcycles: the all-new Genio and the all-new ADV150.

The all-new Genio is specifically targeted to female riders with its design and special features. It comes equipped with an LED headlight, digital meter panel with Eco indicator, and a secure key shutter with seat opener. It also has a 14-liter u-box capacity, tubeless tires, and an inner rack.

This automatic transmission scooter is supported by Honda’s new eSAF (Smart Architecture Frame) and 110-cc engine making it agile and more comfortable to ride. The 9 horsepower, 9.3 Nm engine enables the Genio to reach up to 94 km/h while still returning an impressive 59.1 km/L (range is pegged at 248 kilometers).

The all-new Genio also comes with a combi-brake system with a front disc and rear mechanical drum.

Perfectly matching The all-new Genio’s role as a woman-centric motorcycle, HPI announces that Yassi Pressman has been chosen as Honda’s newest female brand ambassador.

For motorcycle riders who love urban adventures, HPI is also introducing the all-new Honda ADV150.

The tough and adventurous styling adopts a suspension, tire, and riding position ideal for all road surfaces both rough and smooth. Without a doubt though, the ADV150’s most unique feature is its adjustable windshield. Furthermore, it comes with an all-LED lighting system, fully digital meter cluster, power charger console box, 28-liter large utility box, and a smart key system.

The ADV150 also has 14-inch front tire size and 13-inch rear tire size as well as twin sub-tank rear suspension for a more comfortable ride. And since safety is foremost in all of Honda’s products, the ADV150 has an emergency stop signal (ESS) along with a one-channel ABS system.

The Honda ADV150 gets its power from 150 cc engine making 15 horsepower and 13.8 Nm of torque.

These two new models will soon be available at all Honda 3S Shops on December for the al-new Genio and January for the ADV150. The price for the Genio is at P 72,900, while the ADV150 has a retail price of P 149,000.

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