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September 24, 2019

Welcome the 2020 Nissan Patrol (w/ Video)

Nissan has pulled the wraps off the 2020 Patrol. Concentrating on providing for true “Go Anywhere” capabilities, this offers heightened levels of sophistication, comfort, safety, and connectivity.

As the flagship of Nissan’s SUV range, the 2020 Patrol is engineered from the wheels up to tackle the mot demanding driving conditions on the planet. With that, it continues with its innovative Hydraulic Body Motion Control technology while also offering two engines, including a V6.

Signature design changes for the 2020 Patrol include Nissan’s V-motion grille, interpreted in a new way for SUVs. Along with the new boomerang-shaped LED headlights, the redesigned grille highlights the Patrol’s strong, angular front.

At the rear, the Patrol’s new taillights also sport the boomerang shape. They are seamlessly integrated along with a large chrome nameplate and sequential rear turn indicators, which have been added for the first time on a Nissan vehicle.

Inside, a new center console incorporates dual displays featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This ensures customers are always connected and can make the most of their smartphones.

New diamond-stitch quilted leather seats with added padding provide a luxurious feel, as does the new hand-stitched steering wheel. Climate control and powered lumbar support are optionally available for the front seats.

Significant reductions in noise and vibration result in a quieter, more pleasant cabin. Improved cooling and air flow distribution systems lead to quicker cooling, ideal in hot climates.

The new Nissan Patrol also stands out for its extensive suite of advanced safety and security technologies. In addition to the Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies already available, the new Patrol comes with Intelligent Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection and the Intelligent Forward Collision Warning system.

All-terrain Patrol power is provided by the strongest V6 and V8 engines in the segment. The base 4.0-liter V6 produces 275 horsepower and 394 Nm of torque. The 5.6-liter V8 produces 400 horsepower and 560 Nm of torque. An All-Mode 4X4 system lets the driver switch modes to handle different on- and off-road conditions.

The 2020 Nissan Patrol goes on sale in the Middle East starting this month, with other markets including the Philippines to follow.


  1. is it coming to Philippines? When and how much?

    1. It should have been this Q2 2020. Given the COVID situation, this will likely get delayed.

  2. I hope the V6 variant will be available in the Philippines.


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