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September 30, 2019

Ford May Soon Offer Crack-Resistant Windshields

You find them on the latest smartphones, but not on cars just yet. But that’s all about to change because Ford will soon be offering Gorilla Glass as an option to more of its vehicles soon.

Right now, it’s available as standard equipment on the Ford GT supercar, but thanks to a partnership with Gorilla Glass maker Corning and auto supplier Hyperformance Glass Products, it’ll soon be offered as a more durable, lightweight option for the Ford F-150.

The windshield replaces the inner ply in a traditional windshield with chemically-tempered Gorilla Glass. It’s thinner, more flexible, and is two and a half times stronger at resisting impacts at 30 percent the weight.

Hyperformance choose the F-150 specifically not just because it’s the best-selling vehicle in the US, but because it’s often used as a work truck at construction sites and with that, it’s often subjected to rocks and other debris that may otherwise damage a windshield.

As for the price? It’s not going to be cheap. The windshield sets you back USD 899.95 (~ P 46,702), but it does come with a two-year breakage warranty. Moving forward, Hyperformance says they’re in the middle of developing more vehicle applications on current and future Ford models, including the Mustang.

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