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September 10, 2019

This is Volkswagen's New Look, Sound

What you’re looking at is Volkswagen’s new logo. Created for the digital age and designed to be flexible for use in all mediums, it’s the iconic “VW” letters stacked on top of each other, reduced to their essential elements.

Starting at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, this new logo will make its way not just at Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg headquarters, but also throughout Europe and even China by October. By 2020, the rest of the world, including the Philippines will see the new logo as well.

Volkswagen’s re-branding is one of the largest projects of this type in the industry worldwide. All in all, 171 markets in 154 countries are concerned. At the 10,000 facilities of dealers and service partners throughout the world, about 70,000 logos will be replaced.

The two-dimensional design allows for added flexibility and will be instantly recognizable in digital media. In addition, while the logo is typically seen in blue and white, a new blue tone is now being added to allow additional color variants.

As for the vehicles themselves, Volkswagen will use light in its communications. With that, expect models to feature an illuminated logo just as dealerships and brand experience centers will. Furthermore, the visual language will focus on people and will present their vehicles in more realistic situations, hoping customers will identify with them even more (see clip below).

Finally, Volkswagen will have a sound logo for the first time (see clip below). This will hopefully make the German automaker more distinctive in acoustic terms. The brand is also set to now “become female.” After decades of using a male voice to present its vehicles, a woman with a warm, pleasant, and confident voice will speak for VW.

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