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September 4, 2019

Ford Philippines Responds to Viral Recall Notice Gone Wrong

On September 2, Alex Calleja wrote about a recall notice from Ford Philippines which seemed to be erroneously mailed to him. The recall, explained in detail covers the Takata airbags installed in the Ranger and Everest. Dated August 29, it was mailed to Mr. Calleja. There was just one hiccup: Calleja doesn’t own a Ranger or Everest.

Taking to Social Media, Calleja posted the recall notice along with this caption which immediately went viral (72,000 reactions on Facebook, 3,400 comments, and 14,000 shares as of today):

“hi ford philippines,  
nakatanggap ako ng safety recall notice dahil defective daw ang ford ranger/everest ko...nagworry ako dahil wala naman akong ford ranger/everest!  
at ngayon, inaaway ako ng misis ko dahil bakit daw ako may ford ranger/everest na hindi niya alam! baka raw naka-park sa ibang bahay! baka may bahay din daw siyang hindi alam! sa susunod ford philippines, kung sira ang mga unit niyo, wag niyo ng sirain ang buhay ko!  
ngayon natutulog ako sa loob ng honda civic ko!”
Hi Ford Philippines, 
I received a safety recall notice bcause my Ford Ranger/Everest is defective. I got worried because I don’t have a Ford Ranger/Everest! And now, my wife is arguing with me on why I bought a Ford Ranger/Everest without her knowing! I may have parked it in another house! Another house that she doesn’t know of. Next time, Ford Philippines if your vehicles have problems, don’t bring those problems to my life. 
Now I’m sleeping inside my Honda Civic.
We reached out to Ford Philippines about the matter, and EJ Francisco Ford Philippines Communications Director supplied us with the following statement:
“We immediately reached out to Mr. Alex Calleja upon seeing his Facebook post last September 2, 2019. After checking our records, we can confirm that the safety recall letter was not intended for Mr. Calleja. His personal data could have been sourced from a promotional activity, and was erroneously tagged as a Ford customer. We have rectified the error and we commit to ensuring the integrity of our customer database and data gathering processes.”
See? All’s well that ends well.

To Mrs. Calleja, Alex does not own a Ford Ranger/Everest. With that, we hope you can let Alex sleep inside the house now.


  1. Such mistake will not happen if Ford handled the information of every customer properly and with security. A simple apology is not enough, Ford shoud give an everest or a ranger to the victim to make the apology sincere.

    1. Ford does not give their customers the time of day if there are any complaints about defective vehicles. They only respond to things they know won't cost them a cent lol

    2. Yes for me just apologizing is not enough with all the agony and stress they gave to me. That I am driving a defective car,

  2. This happened to me also, and. Unfortunately I bought a car from them. Please see my post at fb

  3. Hi Vickir! I'm Alex, Ford's Social Media Manager. We captured your comment about your experience with your Ford unit and we would like to extend our help. Please send your full name, mobile number and VIN to Ford's Facebook page at so we can discuss this further.

    1. I already sent thru your so ial media account the data you needed,I want an immediate action on the matter coz your giving me doubt, agony and stress.

    2. Our 2018 Ford Ranger's airbag deployed prematurely at a very low speed and without any impact. When we brought the Ford Ranger to the dealer, they said it's out of warranty. Do you have an airbag recall for Ford Ranger? Thank you.

    3. Nope. There's no recall re: the current Ranger's airbag system.


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