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August 6, 2020

Apparently, the Toyota Prius C is Still Around and It Gets the Gazoo Racing Treatment

Pardon me if I sit here, stunned. Apparently, the Toyota Prius c (aka Aqua) is still pretty much a thing in Japan that the carmaker just gave it the trendy Gazoo Racing treatment.

Okay, no one will ever mistake the Prius c for a hot hatch (it’s based off the current-generation Yaris/Vios if you need to know), but that didn’t stop the Gazoo Racing boys from giving it a rather aggressive looking aero and some tasty-looking 17-inch wheels. Sadly, that’s about the limit of GR’s tinkering, but they do promise a “light driving performance” whatever that means.

The Prius c aka Aqua still doesn’t get Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) in this update, but it does add intelligent clearance sonars to prevent crashes caused by pedal misapplication. Oh, and a rear parking camera is now standard equipment too.

Naturally, the GR-massaged Prius c is only available in Japan.

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