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September 3, 2020

Mitsubishi Completes Shakedown of Its Xpander Rally Car

Last year, Mitsubishi turned heads when they showed off their new rally car based on, of all things, the Xpander MPV.

With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on motorsports events, Mitsubishi hasn’t had the opportunity to show off what this rather unique version of the Xpander could do. Still, the carmaker remains committed to the project and as proof released images of the Xpander AP4 undergoing its first shakedown at the Tembong Jaya Circuit, Serang, Banten in Indonesia.

The Xpander AP4 underwent its first on-road trials on the gravel track with Xpander Rally Team (XRT) racer and Mitsubishi Motors Indonesia Brand Ambassador Rifat Sungkar behind the wheel. They’ve managed to accumulate around 100 kilometers of testing under their belt. According to Sungkar, the results are extremely positive with no problems reported thus far.

Mitsubishi is going all out with the Xpander AP4 with R&D actually being done jointly with Ralliart New Zealand. After hitting the gravel, it will also undergo testing on an asphalt track. Once the situation makes it more feasible, it will start to participate in local sprint rallies in Indonesia first towards the end of the year.

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