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September 2, 2020

What Can You Say About Geely's Newest Pickup Truck?

Geely is launching a new pickup truck, and it has been spied prior to its release later in the year. The leak came no less from the Chinese Ministry of Industry which showed off what’ll be called the Farizon FX.

Unlike traditional pickup trucks which use a body-on-frame architecture, Geely opted to channel its inner Honda and develop its pickup truck using one of its unibody SUVs (Honda has done this with its Ridgeline, which is based off the Pilot). In this case, Geely opted to use the Azkarra’s.

In fact, it’s pretty similar to Geely’s compact SUV all the way up to the D-pillar. From there, the length has been stretched to 4,905 mm. Wheelbase though remains at 2,670 mm. The cargo bed itself measures just 1,125 mm by 1,230 mm by 460 mm which makes it a tad small compared to other pickup trucks out there. Still, it might pique the interest for those who want something a bit more lifestyle-ish or recreational.

Powering the pickup truck is a 1.8-liter turbocharged gasoline engine making 184 horsepower.

Obviously, since the Farizon FX has borrowed the Azkarra’s platform, the interior is also very car-like. It contains the compact SUV’s all digital dashboard, touchscreen-based infotainment system.

Reports say that the pickup truck is due to arrive in Chinese dealerships sometime later this year. In fact, it has already been shown to dealers in an online event last week.

In China, pickup trucks are considered a niche segment, accounting for less than 2 percent of overall vehicle sales. The overall leader there is Great Wall Motors.

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