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February 5, 2021

AutoPlus's Lite-ION Car Batteries Must Be Your First Lightweight Mod

Autoplus has brought in Lite-ION, a lithium-ion car battery that could very well be your first performance upgrade.

A direct replacement to the traditional 12-volt lead acid battery, Lite-ION is 70 percent lighter immediately improving a car’s power-to-weight ratio. It also features a high CCA (Cranking Capacity Ampere) giving smooth, quick starts all the time.

For seldomly used vehicles, lithium-ion batteries are considered extremely low maintenance—something that no other battery chemistry can claim.

For Lite-ION batteries, they come with a built-in power switch that helps it retain its charge even when not being used for months. Plus, a built-in battery meter reads out the battery’s capacity in real time.

Moreover, since it has no lead acid, it’s eco-friendly and eliminates one of the causes of rusting in the engine compartment. It also lasts up to two and a half times longer than a regular car battery, and for that, comes with a two-year, no questions asked warranty.

Fitments are available for both Asian, American, and European makes.

For details about the Lite-ION, visit the Autoplus Sports Center on Facebook or call +63 920 410 3893


  1. Where can we buy this battery?

    1. You can contact Autoplus directly through Facebook:


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