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March 5, 2021

For Five Million Pesos, Will You Let This Honda Do All the Driving?

Honda is the first automaker to unveil a partially self-driving car in the form of the Legend thanks to its Honda Sensing Elite technology. After getting Japanese government approval last November, it hits the road in an actual production vehicle.

Honda Sensing Elite uses high-definition 3D maps and GPS data, as well as sensors around the vehicle that provide a 360-degree input. It also monitors the driver’s condition using a camera mounted inside the vehicle. Based on this wide range of information, this specially-equipped Legend can control not just acceleration and braking, but steering inputs as well in a smooth manner.

When the system turns on (it’s geofenced to work in certain areas of Japan only), it can drive autonomously on highways, including changing lanes. During certain conditions, such as getting stuck in traffic, it will even allow the driver to watch video on the navigation screen to help mitigate driver fatigue and stress while driving in a traffic jam.

If the driver is unresponsive to multiple system requests for a handover (the transfer of control back to the driver), the system assists deceleration and stopping of the vehicle by making lane changes to the outermost lane or the shoulder of the road. It will even alert other vehicles around using hazard lights and the horn.

Honda says they’ve gone through approximately 10 million patterns of possible real-world situations during the system’s development. All in all, they’ve tested it on expressways for 1.3 million kilometers.

Despite the advanced nature of the system, Honda has kept all the sensors neatly integrated into the Legend’s body panels producing a clean and discreet design. Inside, indicator lights are positioned on the steering wheel, top part of the navigation screen, and glovebox to notify the driver of the status of the Honda Sensing Elite. The large 12.3-inch, full-LCD meter also displays the operating status of the system, driving situation, and the handover requests in a simple yet expressive manner.

The Honda Sensing Elite system will debut on the Honda Legend EX which is now on sale. It’ll be available for lease sale for around 11 million yen or about P 5 million.


  1. I will let a computer take over the driving only for critical situations like, if im suddenly immobilized due to health reasons, (vertigo, mild stroke, broken limbs).

  2. but will VTEC kick in yo?


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