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October 8, 2021

SsangYong PH Offering Discounts Of Up To P450K

SsangYong, the Korean SUV specialist is offering its biggest savings yet with their new Super Value Package.

“We recognize and understand that the Filipino buyer is in need of more accessible choices,” says Japheth Castillo, President of SsangYong Berjaya Motor Philippines. “Customers, especially now during the pandemic need immediate savings for a vehicle purchase,” he continues.

The outright cash savings are a result of a shorter aftersales service price protection and comprehensive warranty. Regardless, the 1-year free PMS and 3-year / 100,000-kilometer warranty are still better than the typical industry standard.

“If you look at the price points now after the discounts, SsangYong now has the most competitive or if not, the most accessible price for the package and equipment level it has. This is also good for companies who are working on a tight budget because most of our vehicles run on diesel fuel,” reminds Castillo. “Save cost on value, features, and fuel. And if customers are unable to visit our Sta. Rosa dealership, we have mobile service that can perform Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) at the comfort of their own homes.”

Check out the full list of offers below:
  • Musso 4x2 AT – P 1,495,000 (P 450,000 cash discount, new SRP: P 1,045,000)
  • Musso Grand 4x2 MT – P 1,180,000 (P 400,000 cash discount, new SRP: P 780,000)
  • Musso Grand 4x2 AT – P 1,230,000 (P 400,000 cash discount, new SRP: P 830,000)
  • Musso Grand 4x4 AT – P 1,650,000 (P 400,000 cash discount, new SRP: P 1,250,000)
  • Rexton 4x2 AT – P 1,760,000 (P 350,000 cash discount, new SRP: P 1,410,000)
  • Rexton 4x4 AT – P 2,260,000 (P 350,000 cash discount, new SRP: P 1,910,000)
  • Tivoli Gas Sport AT – P 1,120,000 (P 450,000 cash discount, new SRP: P 670,000)
  • Tivoli Diesel Sport AT – 1,180,000 (P 450,000 cash discount, new SRP: P 730,000)
  • Korando Turbo Gas AT – P 1,290,000 (P 400,000 cash discount, new SRP: P 890,000)
  • Korando Diesel Sport AT – P 1,578,000 (P 400,000 cash discount, new SRP: P 1,178,000)


  1. What's the latest on ssangyong in terms of bankruptcy? Have they been sold? Unusual discounts could be a sign of something bigger

    1. They're under a court-led rehab. They've shown off upcoming models coming in the next few years:

  2. If ssangyong doesn't find a new buyer, what happens to spare parts and after sales care of ssangyong vehicles?

    1. Operations will continue. Scenario is that:

      A. They find a buyer, and they'll continue on.
      B. They don't find a buyer, and they'll continue on.

      Regardless, SsangYong will be here to stay--that's what the court-led rehab is set to accomplish.

  3. I am interested in buying a new unit from ssangyong because of this big discount but upon learning of it's bankruptcy, I am now hesitant in buying. Main issues are definitely parts and maintenance of the car.

    1. It shouldn't be a problem, SsangYong said that it's business as usual for them.

  4. Ang mahal parin kay may discount :/

  5. bakit walang discounted sa premium model ng tivoli at kurando?

  6. Replies
    1. AFAIK, the promo isn't time bound. It's still on-going.

  7. Is cash discount still going on cuase I'm interested to purchase ssangyong tivoli diesel 1.5 s pls. Notify imedietly


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