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October 13, 2021

This Guy Racked Up A Million Kilometers In His Nissan Patrol

Noel Maynard from Queensland, Australia has clocked over a million kilometers in his Nissan Patrol—enough to drive to the moon and back, with about 250,000 kilometers to spare.

Noel’s Patrol shows no signs of slowing down, although the official logging of further kilometers might prove a challenge.

“[The odometer] didn’t quite make the million,” he says. “It got to 999,999kms, but it won’t click over!”

Noel purchased his Series IV GU Nissan Patrol in 2005, and in those early years, the kilometers came slowly. It wasn’t until he began using his vehicle as a Wide Load Pilot Escort—the vehicles that follow either side of a wide-load truck on Australia’s highways—that the numbers really started soaring.

“I’m a Pilot Escort, which means I’m either behind or out front of oversized loads,” Noel explains. “We’re the safety precaution to let other road users know that there’s an over-dimension vehicle of some description coming towards them.

“I bought the vehicle new in 2005, and I’ve slowly built up the kilometers, and by 2013 I had roughly 180,000 kilometers on it. But from then to now, I’ve put another 850,000 kilometers on.”

If you’re the type of person who gets antsy going on any car journey that lasts longer than three or four hours, spare a thought for Noel, who’s driven further - and slower - than most people ever will.

“I’ve done a job from Kalkallo, just on the northern side of Melbourne, through to Cairns [2775km] - that was one job,” he says.

“Doing the work I’m doing, I clock up anywhere between 100,000 to 130,000 kilometers a year. It doesn’t take long to clock ‘em up!”

Noel’s Nissan Patrol is still going strong after 16 years, a true testament to the vehicle’s incredible staying power. Noel says that putting his faith in the Patrol was an easy choice, especially since it wasn’t his first time behind the wheel of one.

He also never misses a service, whether it’s the minor maintenance he carries out at home, or one of his regular visits to the service department at a Nissan dealership in Proserpine, Queensland.

“I had a Nissan Patrol before this one, and I put 300,000 kilometers on it,” says Noel. “You go back to something that you know you can trust.

“A reliable vehicle is everything. As I’ve said to a lot of people now, if I’m not there, you better send a search party, because something’s wrong with me!

“The Nissan Patrol is it for me. I’ve bought a second one now so I can take this one off the road at some point in the future—not because it has broken down, just because of the kilometers, so I can do the maintenance on it.”

For a man who has seen more of Australia, and knows more about life on the road, than just about anyone, Noel is adamant he’s still happiest when taking his Patrol out for another long-distance adventure.

“People ask ‘don’t you get sick of driving?’, but it’s all I’ve done for years now,” he says.

“I’d rather be out on the road looking through a windscreen than sitting inside an office looking at four walls. You’ve got to love driving!”

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