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October 4, 2021

Toyota Motor PH Introduces Better Loaded, More Expensive Hilux For 2022

Toyota Motor Philippines is adding more features to the Hilux for 2022. In what seems to be a direct response to stronger offerings from both Nissan and Isuzu, the country’s best-selling pickup truck gets more tech.

Starting with the Hilux 2.4 E, it now gets a standard rear bumper and a revised infotainment system with a larger (8-inch) screen for 2022. It also gains standard rear parking sensors supplemented by a reverse camera.

The same set of equipment finds its way to the 2.4 G while also gaining a dual zone climate control system.

Onto the Conquest grades, both variants add an auto-dimming rear view mirror and a panoramic view monitor. Hood struts complete the changes.

Sadly, these upgrades don’t come for free. All these Hilux variants get a bump in price:
  • Hilux 2.4 E 4x2 MT – P 1,135,000 (+ P 22,000)
  • Hilux 2.4 G 4x2 MT – P 1,250,000 (+ P 30,000)
  • Hilux 2.4 G 4x2 AT – P 1,325,000 (+ P 30,000)
  • Hilux 2.4 Conquest 4x2 MT – P 1,420,000 (+ P 40,000)
  • Hilux 2.4 Conquest 4x2 AT – P 1,495,000 (+ P 20,000)
  • Hilux 2.8 Conquest 4x4 MT – P 1,800,000 (+ P 45,000)
  • Hilux 2.8 Conquest 4x4 AT – P 1,875,000 (+ P 45,000)
The fleet-friendly variants—the Cab & Chassis, Cargo, FX, and J variants are unchanged with no price increase set yet.


  1. I think TMP must add the Hilux 2.4 V variant with the featurea similar to G variant, but with the smart keyless entry system.

  2. Better if conquest variants have separate AC on back seat.

  3. Jezz, even the Dmax LS-E is cheaper than the top spec hilux

  4. Toyota could've grabbed the opportunity to add TSS during this update.


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