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April 5, 2022

Summer's Here So Be Road Trip Ready With The New Nissan Terra

With the loosening of quarantine restrictions, the open road beckons once more. And while everyone has rosy memories of family road trips, hitting the road may be daunting and a bit frustrating. Built with Filipino families in mind, the Nissan Terra proves itself to be a versatile, multi-purpose SUV that has all the features to keep the everyone safe, comfortable, and entertained on the road.

Keep these tips in mind to make sure everyone stays safe and happy on the open road.

#1. Keep everything in check

Before setting out, be sure your Nissan Terra is up-to-date on any oil changes or periodic maintenance. Remember to keep a roadside emergency kit in your car filled with a first aid kit, a flashlight, and of course, the basic tools.

If you plan on setting off at night or early morning, the Terra’s new quad LED headlight offers 34 percent increased visibility compared to before. This illuminates the road ahead helping you anticipate any unforeseen dangers that lie ahead.

Moreover, the Terra comes with a suite of Nissan Intelligent Mobility or NIM features. It includes Intelligent Forward Collision Warning (IFCW) to prevent or reduce the severity of frontal crashes. It also has Blind Spot Warning adding driver confidence when changing lanes on the highway. Intelligent Around View Monitor (IAVM) with Moving Object Detection (MOD) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert allows the driver to quickly understand the vehicle and making parking or maneuvering through tight spaces a breeze.

#2. Entertainment’s A Must

Make a list before a car trip to make sure you don’t forget anything. Aside from essentials, include things like your kid’s favorite toy or book. Thankfully, the second and third row flat-folding seats in the Terra makes packing much easier. The auto tumble seats enable the driver to drop the second row by just pressing a remote switch on the center console. How’s that for convenience?

The one thing parents can opt to leave at home would be devices such as iPads or DVD players. Thanks to the Terra’s rear 11-inch screen and HDMI input in the third row, applications such as Netflix are accessible for as long as you plug in a compatible smart stick device. Wireless Apple CarPlay is also available for those who prefer to listen to their personal music playlist.

If watching movies on the move isn’t your kid’s thing, those in the second row will surely love the Terra’s theater-style rear seating. This ensures passengers in the second row gets a clear view of the road outside reducing dizziness or carsickness.

Whether it’s movies, music, or the scenic beauty of the road, passengers enjoy a quieter experience with the Terra’s new front and side acoustic glass. As the only mid-sized 7-seater SUV in the market with this feature, it cuts down outside noise for a more refined experience.

#3. Stay Charged

Having your phones charged before taking off makes it easier to control in-car entertainment, but also in case of emergency you can immediately call for help. For parents who may have forgotten to charge up, don’t worry. The Terra comes with USB Type A and USB Type C chargers across all three rows. There’s even a wireless charger too in case you forgot to bring the charging cable.

To charge yourself for the trip ahead, don’t forget to bring coffee, or plan a route with stopovers at your favorite coffee spot. Just make sure to keep a lid on, and place them at the front cup holders to keep any hot drinks away from the kids. The Terra even has a segment-first Intelligent Driver Alertness that senses driver fatigue and gives alerts to the driver if a break while at the wheel is needed.

If you prefer the thrill of driving, the Terra comes with a standard 2.5-liter (YD25DDTi) turbodiesel engine with 190 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. This helps it achieve one of the best-in-class acceleration. Plus, the 7-speed automatic ensures a smooth yet fuel efficient driving, cutting down the need to stop at service stations. Moreover, its upgraded multi-functional D-shape steering wheel and multi-link rear suspension, provide excellent balance while turning with heavy loads or taking the vehicle off road.

Road trips can be challenging, but if you’re well-prepared for it, it becomes an enjoyable and much deserved time off after being cooped up for the better part of two years. With a vehicle like the new Nissan Terra, it helps keep your family safe while enabling you to enjoy a variety of activities that create memories that last a lifetime.


  1. Any update on Rear break? No Adaptive cruise control? No powered tailgate?

  2. Odd that it has an EPB but no auto brake hold. It's just a freakin' button, the firmware's already there! Nissan prolly saved 10 pesos by withholding that plastic button.


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