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July 8, 2022

Lexus Has Stopped Taking Orders For LX, NX SUVs

There seems to be no end to Toyota’s long wait list for the Land Cruiser 300. After saying that customers should expect a wait time stretching up to four years for their luxury off-roader, the same is now true for its upscale equivalent, the Lexus LX.

Lexus has actually stopped taking new orders for the Lexus LX because of concerns that vehicles ordered today won’t even arrive before the next model update is planned.

In a statement posted on its official website, it reads:


Translated via Google Translate, it says:
The LX has been very well received not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world, and we are currently suspending orders because we have received orders that greatly exceed our production capacity.

Regarding the resumption of orders, we will inform you again based on the future production situation. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.
Toyota’s luxury arm has also suspended new orders for the Lexus NX for the same reason. The wait list has grown beyond year, Lexus has confirmed.

Lexus Philippines hasn’t officially commented on the local stock situation, but sources within the company say that they are experiencing the same problem, particularly with the all-new Lexus NX (read our review here). The wait list has also stretched to about a year. This has prompted Lexus Philippines to stop taking new orders until they’ve fulfilled orders already on their wait list.

Meanwhile, the lack of supply has prompted Lexus Philippines not to formally launch the all-new Lexus LX. However, it’s already seen its first round of price increase since the start of its availability last March. From P 9,958,000 for the Lexus LX 600 Premier and P 10,228,000 for the Lexus LX 600 F Sport, the prices effective this month have gone up to P 10,258,000 for the Lexus LX 600 Premier and P 10,528,000 for the Lexus LX 600 F Sport.

Demand for the Lexus NX and LX has outstripped Toyota’s capacity to produce them as the Japanese carmaker grapples with supply chain disruptions.

Toyota has lost production of about 400,000 vehicles worldwide in the fiscal year that started April 1, on the back of semiconductor shortages and pandemic slowdowns. The latest dial-down came just a few weeks ago, when it cut its global production plan for July by 50,000 vehicles to 800,000.

Its production output in Japan was done 16 percent last May and has affected several models including the Lexus NX and Lexus LX, both of which are assembled in Japan.


  1. As early as the first wk of June, Lexus refused my reservation deposit for the NX. Lexus Japan is unable to confirm availability. Tried the RAV4 LTD but the wait is indefinite. The Toyota agent suggested Corolla Cross GR-S.

  2. Why, What happened to LX & NX SUV?.

  3. What in the world is happening to Toyota and Lexus?

  4. Replies
    1. Unfortunately, there's also a supply issue for the Patrol.

  5. Because it is too expensive...

  6. Nissan Patrol: stonks

    1. Unfortunately, even Nissan Patrol is experiencing a supply shortage.


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