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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Michelin And UNICEF Partner For Road Safety

Michelin and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announce a 3-year partnership on the occasion of the UNICEF Side Event to the High Level Meeting on improving global road safety, organized by UNICEF in New York. The partnership will promote road safety among young people in South-East Asia and China and will help advance the global agenda on road safety issues 2021 – 2030. This is an important milestone for Michelin in the continued effort to halve road deaths and injuries by 2030.

Road traffic crashes result in the deaths of approximately 1.3 million people around the world each year and an estimated 20 to 50 million people are injured. Children and young people are particularly vulnerable. Worldwide, 220,000 children and adolescents zero to 19 years die annually due to road traffic injuries. These deaths are preventable. This grim statistic highlights the urgent need for new solutions to make roads safer. Getting young people involved in awareness raising and advocacy activities for the uptake of proven road safety good practices is one of the keys to successfully address the tremendous challenge of road safety.

As road safety requires urgent attention in some countries, especially in South-East Asia and China, Michelin will support UNICEF to address child road safety-related deaths and injuries starting in China and in the Philippines, in a first year of activities, and it will be extended to other countries over the duration of the 3-year-partnership.

This partnership will enable UNICEF through capacity building, advocacy, and awareness-raising activities to promote child road safety in South-East Asia and China while empowering communities on road safety issues.

“At Michelin, we consider that taking action for safer mobility is first and foremost a collective, cross-cutting endeavor, one that demands the energy and determination of all stakeholders, public and private alike. The Group has been involved for many years in various road safety awareness and training actions on road hazards through concrete actions on the ground, many targeting young people, with many other global strategic partners around the world. The partnership between Michelin and UNICEF demonstrates the commitment and confidence of both sides. In the future, I believe that by working together, step by step, we can make great strides in road safety for children. And I look forward to seeing more people joining with us on this sustainable path.” said Daesy Natalya, Commercial Director, Michelin Philippines.

“Road traffic crashes claim the lives of thousands of children and adolescents each year. Creating awareness, advocating and implementing proven road safety good practices among children, youth, families and communities is key to help prevent road traffic injuries and save children’s lives. We are happy to collaborate with Michelin to help us advocate for and improve the lives of children, allowing them to go to school and get back home safely,” said Carla Haddad Mardini, Director of Private Fundraising & Partnerships at UNICEF.

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