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May 26, 2023

After A Re-Test, Toyota Finds Raize SUV Compliant With Safety Standards

After finding wrongdoing in the certification procedure of its Raize sub-compact SUVs, Toyota, through its affiliate, Daihatsu has re-tested it alongside the Rocky and has found them to be compliant with all standard safety values.

Daihatsu has voluntarily conducted an in-house collision test to confirm the safety performance of the Toyota Raize HEV and Rocky HEV. The test was conducted to address the safety concerns of customers.

To confirm the safety of the DNGA-platform SUVs, they were subjected to the UN-R135 standard side impact collision test. This required a test vehicle to be crashed into a utility-type pole at 32 km/h.

During the test, Daihatsu as confirmed three things: the occupant impact meets legal standard on both left and ride sides of the vehicle; the door did not dislodge or release during impact; and finally, the fuel leakage observed is below a prescribed value.

However, since the test was conducted is a Daihatsu in-house test, and has not been confirmed by the certification authority, the shipment and sales resumption of the Raize HEV and Rocky HEV will only recommence once the certification authorities confirm the results of the crash test.

Toyota views the case not as an individual or workplace issue, but rather a company-wide issue where an individual or workplace was forced to commit a wrongdoing. Together with Daihatsu, Toyota is committed to listening to the voices of those on the front lines and carefully responding to the situation.

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    As the Raize is also based on an out of date Daihatsu Charade technology, then its clear to believe that the Raize wasn't even bound for export to the European/British/Irish and Australian/NZ (as well as U.S. and Canadian) markets since Daihatsu no longer sells cars in these regions. In addition with Nissan and Mitsubishi already committed to share engine technology with Geely means that after if Renault were already sold Nissan and Mitsubishi to Toyota - just like the latter did with Subaru, Mazda, Suzuki and later Isuzu - then Toyota may end up sharing technology with Geely instead of [Toyota] maintaining its antiquarian Daihatsu business... (Which also means Daihatsu cars are already no match for Geely cars since the former has outdated engineering while the latter has up to date tech.)


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