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May 26, 2023

Designer Of World's First Female Crash Test Dummy Is Recipient Of Woman Of Worth Award

The judges in Women’s World Car of the Year have voted for the Woman of Worth Award. There were 15 nominations in the running and a clear winner is Dr Astrid Linder, the designer and instigator of the world’s first female crash-test dummy.

Professor of Traffic Safety at the Swedish National Road and Transport Institute, VTI, an Adjunct Professor of Injury Prevention at Chalmers University and Adjunct Associate Professor at Monash University Accident Research Centre, Melbourne Australia.

She received her PhD in traffic safety from Chalmers where she also has a MSc in Engineering Physics.

Professor Linder coordinated the EU-funded project ADSEAT where the world’s first virtual dummy model of an average female for rear impact, EvaRID, was developed. Previously, crash-test dummies were based on the ‘average’ male which was just one example of a bias in car design that, as a consequence, put female lives at risk.

She was awarded EU Champions of Transport Research Competition and the US Government Award for Safety Engineering Excellence, among many other awards she has received for her work.

Marta Garcia, Executive President of Women’s World Car of the Year, says she is delighted that Astrid Linder has won the WOW Award.

“She stood out in the voting and it’s an honor to have her win this award, the only award in the world voted entirely by women motoring journalists,” she said.

Honorary President and Coordinator of the WOW Award, Sandy Myhre, said it was apparent from when the first votes started coming in that Dr Linder was going to win, it was that plain.

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