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May 20, 2023

Toyota Raize Caught In Rigged Safety Test Scandal

Remember the scandal surrounding Daihatsu rigging the crash test of a couple of DNGA models such as the Toyota Vios and Wigo? Well, it’s more widespread than anyone first thought.

Like a thread unraveling, Toyota and Daihatsu says that the Raize is a model that’s also affected by a similar, but unrelated rigged safety test. During an internal investigation, it’s been revealed that Daihatsu, which supplies the Raize on an OEM basis to Toyota, improperly certified it for the UN-R135 test.

The UN-R135 test is a side-impact test which has a utility pole-like object impacted against the side of the vehicle at a speed of 32 km/h from a distance of 254 mm, with the vehicle angled at 75 degrees to the left and the right.

Both left and right tests must be performed. It was revealed that while the passenger side (left) was tested in presence of witnesses, the driver’s seat side (right) simply used the data on the left side.

So far, both Toyota and Daihatsu say that only the hybrid version of the Raize is affected. A total of 22,329 Daihatsu Rocky HEV units are affected and a total of 56,111 Toyota Raize HEV units are affected. No word if the non-hybrid version of the Raize is included, nor if those assembled in other plants like the one in Indonesia.

Toyota and Daihatsu have suspended the sale and shipment of Raize and Rocky models starting today. In addition, Toyota has begun a company-wide reexamination.


  1. Why is Toyota having various scandals lately?

  2. I kinda expected this to happen for DNGA platform vehicles after the Vios and Wigo and now it is falling like dominoes. As part of a family who owns a Veloz, I am worried that it too will be affected in some sort of safety rigging and with the Raize being affected, there is a great likelihood that the Avanza and Veloz will eventually be embroiled in a safety scandal of their own. Following this intently and hoping that no potential recalls are involved.


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