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May 23, 2023

Lexus Teases Third All-New SUV: The 2024 LBX

Just when you thought Lexus couldn’t go down market any further with the Lexus UX SUV, they’ve surprised many (including us) with their third SUV announcement in just two weeks with their first-ever LBX.

Lexus hasn’t given much official info on their new vehicle, but the “X” naming convention in the Lexus world signifies it being a crossover or SUV. Reports say it will be a small SUV, slotting below the UX and underpinned by the TNGA GA-B platform that’s used by the Japanese and European market Yaris Cross.

This follows previous announcements surrounding the three-row TX and the body-on-frame GX.

Heading up to its global debut on June 5, Lexus has released two teaser photos. One shows the sharp headlights with an integrated DRL at the top of each cluster. It also shows details including a frameless intake and a design that’s overall reminiscent of the Crown, Prius, and Vios. The other teaser photo shows the rearend with its full-length LED taillight cluster.

Said to be a spiritual successor to the CT 200h, the Lexus LBX marks a milestone since this is the first time the brand’s released a model with more than two letters in its name since the LFA. However, don’t expect supercar levels of performance. Instead, expect it to share the hybrid powertrain of the Yaris Cross. A fully electric version could also be on the cards as well.

In terms of pricing, it’ll be more affordable than the C-HR-based UX.


  1. Why not call it BX instead?

    1. I don't work for Lexus, so I wouldn't know...but pretty sure there's a logic behind it. Maybe it's the start of a new naming convention for Lexus or something?

  2. yeah this was rumored, something that is <4500mm in length. Honestly interested in this as the UX is so old by now.


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