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May 18, 2023

Nissan Philippines Will Issue Service Campaign For Kicks E-Power AC Issue Starting In June

After some conflicting statements coming out of Thailand (see this and this), Nissan Philippines has finally acknowledged the Kicks e-Power AC cooling issue, identified the fault, and, more importantly, will be issuing a fix very soon.

Nissan identified that the issue of the Kicks e-Power AC is one of both software and hardware (a part of the compressor). This combination has caused the AC cooling issue. Nissan reiterates that it will not affect the safety nor the drivability of the crossover.

Moreover, Nissan Philippines will be conducting a service campaign for the Kicks e-Power starting in June. They will give further announcements on the campaign details, and will reach out to affected customers directly.

The carmaker will give priority to customers whose vehicles are already experiencing the issue, they said in their statement.

Nissan Philippines has also confirmed that customers who have already placed orders for the Kicks e-Power are still affected by the issue, including those who will receive their order in June.

You can check out the full Nissan Philippines statement below:
To our valued Nissan customers,

Thank you very much for your confidence in our brand and product. Nissan is committed to the satisfaction of our valued customers. We always listen to your feedback and make all efforts to address your concerns.

In relation to the Kicks e-POWER Air Conditioning (AC) cooling issue, we'd like to share a few important updates:

Nissan has identified that a software and a component part of the compressor have caused the AC cooling issues in some Kicks e-POWER vehicles. We assure you that this issue does not affect the vehicle's safety nor its drivability.

Nissan will be conducting a service campaign on Kicks e-POWER which is expected to begin within June 2023. Nissan will make further announcements about the campaign details and reach out to affected customers directly.

Due to the partial readiness of the parts at this moment, Nissan will give priority to customers whose vehicle is experiencing the said issue. We regret to inform our customers who have already placed orders that vehicle delivery may be temporarily affected and will receive their new vehicle within June 2023. We will keep our customers updated.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank our customers for their patience in this matter. Our customers are at the center of everything we do and promise to keep you as a top priority.

Nissan Philippines Inc.

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  1. Nissan has to do this quickly. The bad press has done damage in their potential customers' minds and with the impending arrival of an ASEAN Yaris Cross, their time on the spotlight is about to end. Perhaps time to update the equipment levels on EL and VE?


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