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May 17, 2023

Fast X Review: Suspension Of Disbelief Required

The Fast and Furious franchise has spanned over 20 years, evolving from a film about a niche culture about underground racing, tuner culture, and drifting to the over-the-top heists “violating the laws of God and gravity.”

Fast X is an ensemble made for fans: muscle cars and exotic cars – check; street race with slow motion of sexily clad women dancing – check; family – check; wild improbable action sequences – check; more family – check; funny one-liners – check; the crew – check; fist fights – check; again about family – check.

With this film bigger and more insane than the previous nine films, Director Louis Leterrier (Transporter 2, The Incredible Hulk, Now You See Me) managed to introduce something new and fresh: Jason Momoa as this franchise’s latest villain, Dante Reyes. Momoa brings flamboyance, style, aplomb and even painted nails to the film. While far from the brooding snarling evil nemesis, he carries a sinister air—a criminal mastermind and sociopath out for revenge.

The loose plot gets the crew together or causes unlikely pairing for the sake of giving each character a story, albeit a few minutes of screentime for some members. Somehow a convenient series of circumstances find the crew in Rome, next Rio, then London, and Portugal, being chased all around. Of course, wild chase or action scenes accompany each location.

Among all the flash (and crash), Fast X is entertaining and satisfying with one action sequence after another, upping the level several notches, and the crew (and car) remaining bruised or bloodied, but overall unscathed. As this is the first part of a trilogy, the movie does end with several cliffhangers. It also does have end credit surprises you shouldn’t miss. Embracing the Fast and Furious universe requires suspension of disbelief. Once you do, viewers and fans are in for an entertaining ride.

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