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September 2, 2023

Ramon Ang Understands Ferrari Owners And That Makes Him The Man To Lead Their PH Success

Adorning the walls of Velocità Motors’s second floor office are a series of Ferrari cars—both classic and modern. As Ramon S. Ang, the president and CEO of Ferrari’s new exclusive Philippine importer and distributor, he immediately proceeded to name each one of them.

“RSA,” as most people know him, is already one of the most powerful men in Philippine business—he is the president and CEO of conglomerate San Miguel Corporation after all—but he still finds the time and energy to engage in passion projects. As a hardcore car enthusiast and certified Ferrarist, this new venture is certainly one of them.

Yet, because of his business acumen, he knows exactly what Ferrari needs to succeed in the Philippines.

“It’s down to providing customers a world-class Ferrari experience from the moment they enter the showroom, as well as the service center,” says Ang. “Ferrari drivers value keeping their vehicles in the very best condition possible. That’s why we have put together a strong and capable team that is dedicated to providing customers the highly personalized and superior service they expect and deserve.”

Ang recounts his own personal experience with Ferrari, and how under the previous importers and distributors, couldn’t seem to find the level of aftersales service he was seeking.

“Maganda ang Ferrari, pero dati-rati takot ka pag may nasira; hindi maayos,” Ang says.

That’s why he made aftersales service and parts support a central tenet for Velocità Motors.

Compared to other luxury vehicle brands which tend to either shun or penalize owners of parallel-imported vehicles (i.e. vehicles not purchased via the official distributor or importer), Ang says they are welcoming them with open arms.

“We want to show the world that the Philippines is a Ferrari country,” Ang says. “For a small registration fee [a requirement by Ferrari to tie a VIN Number to a certain market], even customers who purchased their Ferrari elsewhere will be welcome at our service center. If you purchased your Ferrari, for example, in San Francisco, why would I want to penalize you for bringing it back home to the Philippines?”

The Velocità Motors president and CEO also says it will undoubtedly level up the Filipino workforce as well.

“This also benefits our Filipino workforce, who will be exposed to the highest levels of engineering, performance, design, quality, and customer service. I have no doubt they will be up to the task of carrying the name of this world-class brand,” continues Ang.

Ang says the practice of welcoming Ferraris, regardless of where they were purchased, will continue in the near future. And all this makes business sense as well.

Ferrari’s President for the Far East & Middle East, Dieter Knechtel admits that Ferrari is enjoying strong demand globally and this could mean extremely long wait times for brand-new models. Knechtel says that, for example, their new four-door model, the P 46-million Purosangue, already has a two-year wait list. They are doing their best, however, to satisfy demand in the Philippines, especially since they’ve signed on a new distributor.

When it comes to setting a sales target for the Ferrari team, both Ang and Knechtel believes that’s not so important right now. For the next few months, and even years, it will all about building the brand. It’s all about welcoming the hundred, if not thousand of Ferrari owners into one family. It’s all about building a long-term commitment to their partners and customers.

With a commitment to launch 15 new vehicles from 2022 to 2026 (including the Purosangue), Ferrari’s wider portfolio broadens their market appeal. The last piece for their Philippine success is finding a partner that manages to combine passion for the brand with a strong business sense. And there’s no perfect partner than with Ramon Ang, San Miguel Corporation, and Velocità Motors.


  1. Double the price just like what Lamborghini,Rolls Royce,Bentley,Maserati and Lotus Cars Philippines are doing.
    Parts of it mostly arrive for a month or two depending on the parts ordered.
    Good luck to them selling hundreds of units of it.

  2. RSA seems like the right guy to lead Ferrari in the Philippines for he knows a lot about cars.

  3. RSA has a good collection of them prancing horses. :)


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