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March 1, 2024

Check Out This Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Inspired By The Toyota Land Cruiser

Gear up for a new challenge! G-Shock brings out the spirit of challenge with its latest collaboration with Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body for the new Mudmaster GW-9500TLC-1.

This tough timepiece will surely capture the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts with its sleek and slim design that encapsulates the feeling of racing in the desert.

Team Land Cruiser has been participating in the Dakar Rally, the world’s most extreme rally, with the Land Cruiser since 1995. The newest collaboration timepiece features a black and red color scheme inspired by the Land Cruiser 300 GR Sport, the car raced by TLC in the Dakar Rally.

It was designed to evoke the feel of racing through desert sands with its sand-colored band combined with a black splatter pattern reminiscent of tracks left by the rally cars. An official Team Land Cruiser logo can be seen on the band and case back to commemorate the special collaboration of the two brands.

Timepiece and motorsports enthusiasts would also get treated by TLC graphic on the LCD when the LED backlight is illuminated. The design depicts the toughness of a racing machine that can deliver even in harshest conditions across an approximately 10,000-kilometer course.

Based on a downsized Mudman (GW-9500), it is shock, water, and mud-resistant with a digital compass and duplex LCD that offers a separate compass graphics layer for a larger digital compass display. The solar-powered watch also features a bi-directional calibration, magnetic declination correction, and barometric pressure tendency information alarm among its many features that are designed to help outdoor enthusiasts in navigating their way.

The limited-edition watch is made of renewable organic resources while the special packaging is made of recycled materials to help reduce the environmental impact of its production. With its Carbon Core Guard structure, the watch looks smaller and slimmer while still offering durability, operability, and comfort to its wearer.

The limited-edition Mudmaster GW-9500TLC-1 is now available at authorized G-Shock stores nationwide with a suggested retail price of P 29,940.

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