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June 14, 2024

Porsche PH Elevates Service Excellence Regardless Of Powertrain

Owning a Porsche transcends the mere act of driving; it’s an embrace of a legacy defined by engineering prowess and unparalleled performance. From the timeless 911 to the luxurious Panamera and the groundbreaking Taycan, each Porsche embodies precision and innovation, setting benchmarks in the automotive realm. For Porsche enthusiasts committed to preserving the peak performance of their vehicles, the expertise of factory-trained technicians is indispensable.

Stephen Recinto, Managing Director of Porsche Philippines, emphasizes, “Our technicians are the bedrock of our pursuit of excellence. With decades of experience, they epitomize Porsche’s craftsmanship. As we pivot towards electric mobility, our technicians undergo rigorous trainings to maintain our leadership in industry standards.”

Following an exhaustive Porsche Service Dealer Review, Porsche Philippines proudly announces its 100 percent compliance with Porsche’s exacting standards. This certification extends to its cadre of High Voltage technicians, who boast specialized expertise in servicing Porsche’s electric, hybrid, and combustion models, including the Taycan, Panamera, Cayenne, and hybrid variants. Additionally, Porsche Philippines reaffirms its commitment to servicing internal combustion engines, ensuring traditional Porsche models receive the same meticulous care and attention.

These skilled professionals, having completed arduous trainings and testings, are uniquely qualified to handle Porsche’s high-voltage systems. Their proficiency ensures each Porsche receives the meticulous care it deserves, irrespective of its power source—be it electricity, hybrid, or traditional combustion engines.

As Porsche charts its course towards an electrified future, Porsche Philippines remains at the vanguard of innovation. Since the introduction of the Taycan electric vehicle, the company has invested in charging infrastructure at its Greenhills, EDSA headquarters, delivering a seamless EV experience for owners.

Going above and beyond, Porsche Philippines has equipped its experts with the requisite tools and parts necessary for servicing EVs and hybrid vehicles. This proactive stance guarantees that Porsche owners can rely on the company for top-tier High-Voltage system maintenance and repairs.
At Porsche Philippines, the commitment to excellence extends beyond the vehicles themselves; it’s about bestowing peace of mind upon Porsche owners. With a steadfast dedication to superior service and a forward-thinking approach, Porsche Philippines establishes the benchmark for automotive excellence in the electric era.

For further information, please contact Porsche Philippines at +63 917 826 8522.

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