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June 28, 2024

Just Who Will Buy The 2025 Mitsubishi Xforce?

The 2025 Xforce is Mitsubishi Motors Philippines’ first 5-seater crossover since the ASX and given it’s competing in a highly competitive yet fast-growing segment, the three-diamond brand believes it’ll play a vital role in pushing annual sales up to 94,000 units this year—up 15 percent from last year’s 81,473 units.

But which segment is the Xforce competing in, exactly? Who is the target market? Just how many are they planning to sell? Well, Allan Cruz, Senior Manager for Product Planning for Mitsubishi Motors Philippines answered those questions, and more.

A look at the Philippine auto industry shows that Small SUVs have been showing tremendous growth over the past five years. Cruz runs it down:
  • FY19 – 33,728 units out of 378,615 units (9 percent)
  • FY20 – 27,913 units out of 245,243 units (11 percent)
  • FY21 – 39,350 units out of 283,534 units (14 percent)
  • FY22 – 71,618 units out of 374,095 units (19 percent)
  • FY23 – 79,508 units out of 439,440 units (18 percent)
Digging deeper, Cruz sees around 25 potential competitors to the Xforce composed of Small SUVs (regardless of seating capacity) the size of the Toyota Raize all the way to the Honda CR-V.

However with the bulk of the volume playing in the P 1.3-million range—Mitsubishi thinks this is the sweet spot for the Xforce. In fact, a bulk of the sales will be brought on by the Xforce GLS (P 1,367,000) and not the Xforce GT (P 1,581,000).

As such, Cruz looks to the following as the Xforce’s main competition:
  • Nissan Kicks (average monthly sales: 172 units)
  • Hyundai Creta (average monthly sales: 132 units)
  • Ford Territory (average monthly sales: 810 units)
  • Geely Coolray (average monthly sales: 196 units)
Mitsubishi is already dismissing the likes of the Honda HR-V and the Mazda CX-3 as potential competitors due to their extremely low sales (68 units and 9 units per month, respectively).

Under this backdrop, Mitsubishi believes they can sell around 7,000 Xforces annually. All things equal, that 583-unit monthly average is enough for Mitsubishi to place third in the Small SUV segment just behind the Toyota Yaris Cross and the Ford Territory.

Overall, Cruz outlines three goals Mitsubishi has for the Xforce:
  • Respond to the booming SUV demand
  • Re-align the Mitsubishi brand to young families and “energetic” individuals
  • Expand Mitsubishi’s model line-up in the Philippines
So, who’s going to buy the Xforce? Well, Cruz thinks that majority—60 percent—are young families with kids. These buyers will look at the Xforce a daily use vehicle that’s also capable of weekend leisure activities. The remaining 40 percent are career women who need an SUV that’s capable of both city and out-of-town drives.

This brings up the Xforce’s product concept which is “Best-Suited Buddy for An Exciting Life.”

It sounds Japanized English, but the Best-Suited Buddy concept has three key aspects: Excitement, Comfort, and Practicality. Under Excitement, the Xforce relies on its Design, Drive Mode Selector, and the Yamaha sound system. For Comfort, it’s the Anti-Temperature Rise synthetic leather seats, 8-step reclining rear seats, a designed for ASEAN AC system with nanoe X, and the Active Yaw Control system. Finally, for Practicality, it’s found in its Advanced Monolithic Display (8-inch driver cluster, 12.3-inch infotainment screen), easy handling, and versatile storage spaces.


  1. aside from features packed territory, main rival and biggest hurdle of xforce is the fully loaded yaris cross V at 1.3M(with ADAS) and yaris cross G at 1.2M(with 6 airbags). Yaris cross maybe not as refined, but features packed and pinoys always love toyota(even if its DNGA). Can you share to us the average monthly sales of yaris cross, also raize. Thanks

    1. ^Yep, we will be waiting on Sir Uly's comparo review of this and the Yaris Cross V before making a decision. Hope it comes soon Sir Uly!

    2. You can already compare it to corolla cross G hybrid that was reviewed here

    3. Stop shilling the unrefined and low quality DNGA Yaris Cross too much here
      Mitsubishi Xforce is way more refined,safer,comfortable,better to drive,stylish and got better ground clearance than the DNGA Yaris Cross

    4. Car buyers has spoken, Yaris cross dominates the sales charts, reliable, durable, features packed, lots of safety features, value for money, good after sales. Probably pricing of xforce has been benchmark against the kia seltos😁😁😁

  2. If the HRV and the CX3 are not selling well, what makes the xforce any different? Those competitors seem like the better options

    1. Brand itself? Given that its platform mate Xpander is one of the best selling MPV's here it can be some sort of a leverage for the XForce, also clever use of the X naming. I feel like this car will sell as well as the Yaris Cross

    2. What, the brand itself?? Seriously? The Mitsubishi brand isn't exactly sought after and has no more cult following because they only sell boring cars nowadays.

    3. In our country it is still constantly on the top 5, every month, every year. It was just stating facts. The commenter merely said the XForce may benefit from the popularity of the Xpander, and that is due to the efforts the brand as made here.

  3. Manual transmission please 🙏


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