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June 11, 2024

April 2024 New Car Sales Dip Slightly As Chinese Brands Corner 6 Percent Market Share

In time for April Fools, the CAMPI-TMA secretariat put out a gag order on releasing the full breakdown of monthly new car sales. In fact, the only source would be the official press release which only gives a snap shot of how car sales are faring. Having said that, we have our ways. It may be a month late, but we still managed to get the full breakdown for you, our dear readers, to browse through.

Before getting into our analysis, let’s dig through the official (aka PR) figures released by CAMPI:
Buoyed by strong demand and availability of car financing, the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) showed 37,314 motor vehicles were sold in April, up 21.8 percent from 30,643 units in the same month last year.

Motor vehicle sales in April, however, dipped by 0.4 percent from the 37,474 units sold in March (the second straight month of lower sales).

Commercial vehicle (CV) sales rose by nearly 17 percent to 27,272 units in April from 23,326 units in the same month a year ago.

Sales of passenger cars (PC) picked up by 37.6 percent to 10,069 units in April from 7,317 units in the same month last year.

From January to April, total vehicle sales increased by 14.8 percent to 146,920 units from 127,927 units in the same period the previous year.

CVs continued to account for the bulk of total vehicle sales with 108,667 units sold in the first four months, 13.4 percent higher than the 95,857 units in the same period a year ago.

PC sales climbed by 19.4 percent to 38,280 units from January to April compared to 32,070 units in the same period last year.

Toyota remained the market leader, accounting for 46 percent of vehicle sales (67,580 units) in the first four months.

This was followed by Mitsubishi with a share of 18.94 percent (27,828 units), Ford with 6.59 percent (9,688 units), Nissan with 6.38 percent (9,375 units), and Suzuki with 4.16 percent (6,117 units).

With the recent approval by the National Economic and Development Authority of the expanded coverage of Executive Order (EO) 12 to include hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and plug-in HEV as part of EVs that can enjoy zero tariffs, CAMPI is expecting improvement in EV sales ratio this year considering EO 12 support.

Last year, EV sales only accounted for 2.5 percent of total vehicle sales last year.

On the Department of Energy’s announcement of the implementation of higher biofuel blends beginning October this year, CAMPI said new vehicles being sold are already compatible with B3 biodiesel.
Now, for our own analysis.

In the official statements, the CAMPI-TMA didn’t offer a breakdown of April 2024. Sales, but given the data we received, this is how April 2024 looked like:

April 2024 New Car Sales
  1. Toyota – 17,913 units (48.01 percent)
  2. Mitsubishi – 6,961 units (18.66 percent)
  3. Ford – 2,157 units (5.78 percent)
  4. Suzuki – 1,722 units (4.61 percent)
  5. Isuzu – 1,517 units (4.07 percent)
  6. Nissan – 1,466 units (3.93 percent)
  7. Honda – 1,354 units (3.63 percent)
  8. Hyundai – 1,015 units (2.72 percent)
  9. SAIC Motor (MG) – 620 units (1.66 percent)
  10. Kia – 408 units (1.09 percent)
  11. Geely – 347 units (0.93 percent)
  12. Chery – 310 units (0.83 percent)
  13. Foton – 275 units (0.74 percent)
  14. GAC Motor – 258 units (0.69 percent)
  15. Mazda – 197 units (0.53 percent)
  16. Hino – 173 units (0.46 percent)
  17. Jetour – 126 units (0.34 percent)
  18. Fuso – 106 units (0.28 percent)
  19. Changan – 105 units (0.28 percent)
  20. BMW – 102 units (0.27 percent)
  21. JMC – 61 units (0.16 percent)
  22. Mercedes-Benz – 33 units (0.09 percent)
  23. Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram – 26 units (0.07 percent)
  24. Jaguar Land Rover – 20 units (0.05 percent)
  25. Peugeot – 18 units (0.05 percent)
  26. Volkswagen – 14 units (0.04 percent)
  27. Terrafirma Motors – 8 units (0.02 percent)
  28. MAN Trucks – 2 units (0.01 percent)
Notable highlights in April include Nissan’s slide from a steady third-fourth in terms of market share to sixth just above Honda. In addition, Hyundai had their strongest month yet in April as they managed to breach the 1,000-unit monthly sales mark.

Among the Chinese car brands, MG, distributed under SAIC Motor Philippines, is far and away the best-selling with 620 units sold or a 1.66 percent share of the market. This helped them solidify their lead against Kia (408 units) and Geely (347 units).

Despite the deluge of Chinese brands in the country, however, they’ve only managed to carve out a 5.63 percent market share.

In terms of month-on-month sales, some of the biggest gainers were: Fuso (+51 percent), Changan (+50 percent), Jetour (+37 percent), and BMW (+26 percent). Losers? Not counting brands which have lost their official distributors, they would be Terrafirma Motors (-47 percent), Nissan (-47 percent), Mercedes-Benz (-21 percent), Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (-10 percent)

When it comes to April 2024 Passenger Car (PC) sales, this is how the Top 10 looks like:

April 2024 Top 10 Best-Selling Passenger Car Brands
  1. Toyota – 5,284 units (52.48 percent)
  2. Mitsubishi – 2,158 units (21.43 percent)
  3. Suzuki – 801 units (7.96 percent)
  4. Honda – 721 units (7.16 percent)
  5. Nissan – 476 units (4.73 percent)
  6. SAIC Motor (MG) – 247 units (2.45 percent)
  7. BMW – 102 units (1.01 percent)
  8. Geely – 56 units (0.71 percent)
  9. Kia – 56 units (0.56 percent)
  10. Mazda – 48 units (0.48 percent)
And when it comes to Commercial Vehicle (CV) sales, this is how things stack up when it comes to the Top 10:

April 2024 Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Vehicle Brands
  1. Toyota – 12,629 units (46.35 percent)
  2. Mitsubishi – 4,803 units (17.63 percent)
  3. Ford – 2,149 units (7.89 percent)
  4. Isuzu – 1,517 units (5.57 percent)
  5. Hyundai – 1,015 units (3.73 percent)
  6. Nissan – 990 units (3.63 percent)
  7. Suzuki – 921 units (3.38 percent)
  8. Honda – 633 units (2.32 percent)
  9. SAIC Motor (MG) – 373 units (1.37 percent)
  10. Kia – 352 units (1.29 percent)


  1. Mahal na rin kc china brands dito at dinarin pahuhuli ang mainstream brands in terms of tevh and features. china brands should be price 30% less than the japz n kpop counterpart to grab more share. Pagkagaling china mura yan, ang problema gena overpriced ng distributor pagdating dito and ang iba dinadala dito mga old models

  2. Can someone enlighten me why Honda & SAIC Motor (MG) is on the top 10 for Commercial Vehicle (CV) - do they have vehicle under that catergories?

    I understand for Ford (Ranger), Nissan (Navara/Urvan) & Kia (K2500) but seem cannot figure outwith Honda & MG

    1. MG ZS and MG One are classified as commercial vehicle just because its a SUV

  3. Nissan Philippines really needs to lower the prices of the Almera,Livina and Kicks if they want to sell more units
    Nissan can't forever rely solely on the aging Navara,Terra,Patrol and NV350
    Sales of Geely are likely gonna improve once the new management led by Geely China officials take over of the company in July..They need to improve the marketing,promotion,cash discounts and product lineup of Geely.
    Peugeot is likely be dropped by Astara as Stellantis in Malaysia plans to establish a local distribution operations business of Peugeot and Leapmotor in the Philippines in the near future

  4. Can someone enlighten me why Honda and SAIC (MG) is on the list of Top 10 Commercial Vehicles?

    1. For Honda, they have the likes of the CR-V and HR-V which are classified as Commercial Vehicles (SUVs). For MG, same thing.

    2. Why label SUVs as Commercial Vehicles?

  5. 2M na kc base terra AT, nissan ph should introduced a more affordable AT terra and bring here the small magnite SUV

    1. Nissan India isn't interested of producing a LHD export version of the Nissan Magnite for the Philippine market kaya wag ka nang umasa pa.
      Affordable variant of the Terra SUV is still available

  6. Replies
    1. Subaru is not a member of CAMPI. They're a member of AVID which hasn't publicly declared figures in almost a year now.

  7. VW Philippines it is so sad and alarming! Consistent sa bottom, please AC Mobility bigay nyo na sa iba ang brand baka ma tulad lang din sa Maxus...

    1. AC Mobility plans to sell Volkswagen EV vehicles made in China in a year or two
      Autohub,Astara,Inchcape,Gateway and PGA Cars aren't interested of carrying the Volkswagen brand in the Philippine market as those companies are happy on what they got.

    2. VW Phils will offer EVs with the same pricing strategy so wala pa rin sayang lang kagaya ng Tharu. The current lineup of VW Phils with mostly chinese made non global models really hurt the brand decrease loyalty from customers.

  8. Ssles of Isuzu is gonna go down a lot once the Toyota Hilux Tamaraw becomes available and on sale in the local market in September or October
    Nissan needs to fix the pricing of the Almera and Livina as those vehicles got huge potential to be best sellers if their prices are much cheaper..Sadly those vehicles are slow sellers..Sales and demand for the Nissan Leaf is so low as buyers would rather buy a BYD Atto 3,MG ZS EV or MG4 EV.

    1. Buyers would rather buy nissan kicks than china EV's

    2. Sales of Nissan Kicks are very low due in the Philippines due to constant price increases and people discovered the defective air-conditioning system of the Kicks which ruined the sales and image of the SUV aside from very high maintenance costs of it
      Chinese EVs like Nanobox,Dolphin,MG4 and Atto 3 are much better buys now.

  9. Terrafirma, Proudly Pinoy

    1. Terrafirma Motors is just Columbian Motors with a different name and badly managed one as the company only sells Dayun minibuses for jeepney cooperatives
      Terrafirma Motors still got old stocks of Mahindra Supro multicabs


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